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Skills Center Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Skills Center's most commonly asked questions.

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How do I sign up for the Skills Center and what do I need to do after I have signed up?

If your ACCUPLACER score is below Math 95, you need to enroll in the Skills Center.

Online enrollment is available through “MY TMCC”. Enter the term you are registering for, then enter "SKC" for course subject and click-on “Search”. Search result will display SKC 80 and SKC 85; then enter both classes into your shopping cart at the same time to complete enrollment. Do not enter the classes separately. The current cost is for a 3-credit class.

You must also purchase access to the Internet-based ALEKS computer program, unless you are prescribed an alternate program by your instructor. You can purchase the ALEKS program at the TMCC Bookstore or online.

After registering for the course, you must bring your receipt of payment to the Skills Center located at the Dandini Campus, Red Mountain Building, room 124. Dates and times to schedule an instructor meeting for summer 2013 are: May 20-24, 2013, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. If you do not attend the first week of class, you will be dropped.

On your first visit, you will be paired with an instructor and a weekly mandatory schedule to meet with your instructor will be set up for the entire semester. You will next be given instructions on how to log in to ALEKS to take your online diagnostic test. Your test will be used to create an individualized program of study. You can then begin immediately on your lessons.

As soon as the instructor confirms that you are prepared to go into Math 95, you may retake the ACCUPLACER placement test in the Skills Center. If you place into Math 95, you have completed your goal in the Skills Center.

If I drop my current 95/96 class and want to sign up for the Skills Center to brush up on my math skills, can I sign up?

Yes, we are here to help increase your knowledge towards pre-algebra.

What is a Skills Center Topic Seminar?

Topic Seminars will be available throughout the semester to allow students to attend small, interactive lectures on a variety of topics. The current series of these seminars will be posted in the Skills Center and students can, with guidance from their instructors, sign up for any seminars in this schedule that are appropriate for their learning level. Instructors may require students to attend particular seminars. Beyond the posted schedule, groups of three to six students may request additional seminars on any topic available in the regular schedule.

What is an "Open Lab Time" at the TMCC Skills Center?

Open lab times are designed for students to obtain help from math instructors.

What materials do I need to use at the Skills Center?

Generally, students use the ALEKS online learning system.

When using the TMCC Skills Center, do I have to finish what I have started by the end of the semester?

No, the Skills Center is a self-paced class that will work with your pace. You can sign up for the Skills Center as many times as you need.

Will financial aid cover the Skills Center?

TMCC Financial Aid does not cover the cost of the Skills Center. The student is responsible for paying for the skills center from their own funding.