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SGA On and Off Campus Events Procedures

On Campus Events| Off Campus Events

This information is intended for recognized TMCC clubs and organizations only. For additional information regarding this information or the TMCC club and organization event approval process, please contact the TMCC Student Government Association (SGA).

On Campus Events


To schedule a weekly club meeting, please contact the Scheduling Office directly.

All recognized TMCC clubs and organization events require SGA approval. SGA approval must occur a minimum of ten days prior to the scheduled event date, per TMCC Facilities Services. Therefore, the entire approval process generally requires that you submit your event request no fewer than 15 business days in advance of your event (5 business days prior to next scheduled Senate meeting for approval + 10 business days prior to event).

Submit the On Campus Event Request form at least five business days prior to the next scheduled SGA Senate meeting. Event approvals occur during SGA Senate meetings. Your event request must be on the SGA Senate meetings agenda to be considered for approval. Plan to attend the meeting where your event is scheduled for approval in order to answer any questions that the board may have.

Email the completed form as an attachment to

Additional Approvals

Events that meet the following criteria require additional approval from the TMCC President's Cabinet (President's Cabinet approval will be requested when events are added to the SGA Senate Meeting Agenda.):

  • Events with 50 or more people
  • Events off campus
  • Events held in SIER 108, VSTA 206, or the Student Center
  • Any event that brings a dignitary, VIP or high-profile speaker on campus
  • Charity drives or any event for which sales are involved

Off Campus Events


Submit the completed Off Campus Events Request form, along with all required attachments to the SGA at least 30 business days in advance of your expected travel date to ensure approvals are made in a timely manner.

Approval Process

Off campus events must be approved by the SGA, the President's Cabinet, and potentially the TMCC Budget and Planning's Travel Office.

Event approvals occur during SGA Senate meetings (agendas are posted online). Your event request must be on the SGA Senate meeting agenda to be considered for approval. Plan to attend the meeting where your event is scheduled for approval in order to answer any questions that the board may have.

Required Attachments

  • Copy of valid driver’s license for any student(s) who will be driving, and proof of insurance for vehicle(s) being driven.
  • Trip itinerary, including official conference schedule.
  • Activity Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement for each student attending any TMCC off-campus event.
    Describe in detail all activities the student will be participating in and the appropriate risk involved. If the student attending is a minor, parent or guardian signatures are required. This form must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities prior to obtaining signatures.

Additional Attachments (required for events outside of Reno)

  • Prior to travel:TMCC Travel Request form must be completed for all events outside of Reno at least 10 business days in advance of the trip.
  • After travel:TMCC Travel Expense Claim form must be completed for all events outside of Reno no more than 15 business days after the completion of the trip.

Required Travel Documentation

The following are common travel expenses which may be reimbursed. Proper documentation is required for these expenses.

  • Airfare: Need statement showing the details of the trip including the traveler’s name, departure/return dates and destinations.
  • Car rental: Provide a finalized billing.
  • Gas receipts related to a car rental.
  • Taxi, shuttle bus, or train receipts.
  • Parking costs: Provide the parking receipt.
  • Conference registration: A copy of who is attending, dates of the conference and a detailed listing of what conference fees pay for, must be included.

TMCC SGA Credit Card Guidelines

Due to limitations on the TMCC SGA credit cards, only certain items may be purchased by credit card before an event.  Expenses that cannot be paid by SGA credit card may be reimbursed after the trip using the TMCC Travel Claim form.

Allowable Credit Card Charges

  • Airfare
  • Car rentals
  • Conference registration
  • Lodging
  • Gas

Credit Card Charges NOT Allowed

  • Meals


  • Keep all original receipts, including itemized receipts, if you wish to be reimbursed through your SGA account.
  • Any student who is not an employee (or official volunteer registered by TMCC's Human Resources office) is not covered by TMCC health insurance or any other insurance coverage from TMCC.  If a student participant is injured, the expense must be covered by his/her own personal insurance coverage.
  • TMCC event participants may only share rooms with those of the same gender. Advisors must not share rooms with students.

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