Student Government Association

SGA Club Travel Procedures

Procedures are current and approved by the SGA Senate as of August, 2014

If members of recognized student clubs/organizations travel to conferences, competitions, or group trips out of Reno they must adhere to all TMCC Travel Policies and Procedures.

All students and advisors traveling must complete all required travel forms. Travel Requests must be turned into the Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Office with the appropriate Off-Campus Event Request form at least 30 days before the travel date.

Requests must be completed prior to registration and/or reservations being made. Travel Requests should first be signed by the individual traveling and the club/organization Advisor, then sent to the SAL Coordinator. The Travel Requests will then be submitted to the Director of Retention and Support Programs, the Dean of Student Services for signature, and finally Accounting Services.

When student clubs/organizations return from the trip, a complete Travel Expense Claim must be submitted to the SAL Office within 15 days of returning.

Due to safety concerns, 15 passenger vans are no longer allowed to be used for any TMCC purposes.

For complete information regarding travel, including forms, please visit the TMCC Travel Procedures website.

Travel Request (Before Your Trip)

For anyone participating in travel, a Travel Request form must be completed and returned to the Student Activities and Leadership Office (SAL) at least 30 business days prior to departure and prior to making any travel-related purchases.

All forms must be typed and complete in order to be processed. Failure to comply may result in the trip being cancelled. All Travel Request forms must be approved by the Dean of Student Services prior to any approval of travel related purchases.

Note: If travelers use personal funds for the purchase of airline tickets or the payment of conference/workshop registration fees, reimbursement cannot be made until the Travel Expense Claim form has been completed and processed.

Travel Expense Claim (After Your Trip)

Submit a Travel Expense Claim form and make sure that itemized receipts are attached for every expense.

Personal/Privately Owned Vehicles

The use of private vehicles is strongly discouraged. If private vehicles are used, you must inform your personal insurance company to make sure the vehicle is properly covered.

See the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) policy below:

The NSHE does not provide insurance coverage on the personal vehicles of employees. Persons using personal vehicles for official business are required to maintain liability insurance coverage in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada or other domiciled State. Transporting students in a personal vehicle is not recommended as there is no liability protection from the State for the use of personal vehicles. Employees should not use a personal vehicle for transportation of students on official trips without receiving written approval from the Department Head and providing proof of insurance and a copy of a current driver's license. In the event of an accident in a personal vehicle while on official business, the employee's personal vehicle insurance will apply to bodily injuries, property damage and physical damage to the employee's vehicle.

Gas Reimbursement

Requests for vehicle fuel may be funded at the standard state mileage reimbursement rate. A Travel Expense Claim (mileage only) including back-up documentation must be submitted to receive reimbursement for gas.