Student Government Association

SGA Club Recognition and Renewal Procedures


In order to maintain SGA recognition, all clubs and organizations must complete a Club Recognition/Renewal form each fall semester and again each spring. Prior to submitting the completed Club Recognition/Renewal form, please review the following:

  • SGA Constitution
  • SGA Bylaws
  • SGA Policy and Procedure Manual

All TMCC student organizations must be recognized through the SGA. For both recognition and renewal, your club/organization's Executive Board must attend SGA Club Training within the current semester.

Approval Process

Email the completed Recognition/Renewal form as an attachment to the Coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership. Forms must first be approved by the Club and Organization Chair; upon Club and Organization Chair approval it will be placed on the SGA Senate meeting agenda to be considered for approval (agendas are posted online).

Note: plan to attend the SGA Senate meeting that your club/organization is scheduled for in order to answer any questions that the board may have. Failure to include all requested documents may result in the automatic denial of this request.

Contact the SGA if you have any questions about these procedures.


In order to receive $50/semester funding and to qualify for supplemental funding through Funding Requests, the Club and Organization Recognition/Renewal form must be completed and submitted by 5 p.m. the third Friday of the semester. Prior to turning in your completed form, please make sure you have included the following items:

Recognition Documents

  • Organization Constitution/Bylaws
  • Estimated budget for current year/semester
  • Club roster

Renewal Documents

  • Organization Constitution/Bylaws (only required if updated within the last semester)
  • Expense detail report for fall semester
  • Estimated budget for current semester
  • Club roster

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