Philippine United Students Organization (PUSO)

Philippine United Students Organization Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to PUSO's most commonly asked questions.

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What is P.U.S.O.?

Philippine United Students Organization (P.U.S.O.) is one of the student clubs and organizations at Truckee Meadows Community College.

P.U.S.O. literally means "heart" in Filipino.

One of our goals is to develop and maintain a College organization that will promote Filipino cultural awareness at TMCC and in Reno/Sparks. We want to emphasize the communication and interaction between students of Filipino descent, the College and the community and help them to feel more comfortable at TMCC.

How does one become a P.U.S.O. member?

Students who are currently enrolled in at least one credit at TMCC, may be a member without exclusion or preference to race, color, age, ideology, socio-economic status, gender and handicap (P.U.S.O. Constitution and By-Laws).

A membership fee of $5.00 can be paid annually or semiannually depending upon the enrollment of the member, payable to the elected treasurer.

How does P.U.S.O. serve the student body?

Since the Filipino population is increasing every semester, there will be many students who will benefit from this organization. We are willing to help students through tutoring, academic counseling, student employment, financial aid application and positive peer network.

When are P.U.S.O. meetings held?

P.U.S.O. meeting times/locations are posted on our website's home page and on the TMCC Events Calendar.

P.U.S.O. generally meets weekly during the semester, depending upon our objectives, projects and activities. General assemblies shall be announced every time there is a business item that needs to be taken up with the members.

How many officers and members does P.U.S.O. have?

Currently, P.U.S.O. has more than 50 members. There are four elected officers in this organization, including a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.