Philippine United Students Organization (PUSO)

Philippine United Students Organization (PUSO)



The Philippine United Students Organization (PUSO) is the first established Filipino Organization at Truckee Meadows Community College. We are a group of students at TMCC whose purpose is to gather together with fellow Filipinos at the college. We want to introduce various aspects of our cultural background to other students.

We are determined to create a nontraditional and progressive Filipino organization, to unify and optimize our presence and efficiency in the academe, to attain Filipino cultural awareness to all, and harmonious interaction and co-partnership with other cultures.

Also, our goal is to help our fellow Filipino friends through:

  • Tutoring
  • Academic counseling
  • Student employment
  • Financial aid application
  • Positive peer network
  • Community service

Puso means "heart" in Filipino. All students are welcome to be part of PUSO and its activities. Those students who are interested should contact us.


Starr Litton

PUSO Officers

  • Noel Tsuchiya, President
  • Margarette Gappi, Vice President
  • Andrew Hunter, Secretary
  • Awatef Adem, Treasurer
  • Gisela Ochoa, Historian
  • Karina Cordero, Scholarship Coordinator


PUSO meetings are held every Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Vista 301. View the TMCC Events Calendar for event details and more happenings!

PUSO Mission Statement

The Philippine United Students Organization is dedicated to provide a Filipino Community-based experience for students at Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, Nevada. Our Organization helps to unify, optimize and develop a friendly atmosphere not for Filipinos alone, but for everybody interested in learning about the Philippine culture. We are willing to promote a feeling of fellowship amongst students with similar cultural and educational interests.

We are determined to attain a socially, intellectually, culturally integrated environment that promotes Filipino cultural understanding to all.

Since the Filipino student population is increasing every semester, many students have the chance to benefit from this organization. We are willing to help our fellow students through programs like tutoring, academic counseling, student employment, financial aid application, positive peer network and community services. Through these activities, we will increase and stimulate the students' knowledge and interest in their curricular fields and provide a feeling of unity and loyalty to the college.


College News

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Students pay only $50/semester for access to the on-campus facility.

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Calendar of Events

SGA Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, October 17
RDMT 122, Dandini Campus

Nursing Faculty Meeting

Friday, October 17
RDMT 255, Dandini Campus

Philippine United Students Organization

Truckee Meadows Community College
7000 Dandini Boulevard, RDMT 111A
Reno, Nevada 89512-3999

Telephone: 775-673-7203

Email: Send A Message