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TMCC Alerts for Closures and Emergencies

Communication Procedure

In the event of adverse weather or another emergency that affects college operations, the college will communicate to employees and students via email, social media (Facebook and Twitter), local news media, the college website, the main phone line (775-673-7000), and text messaging.

To be sure you get the message promptly, we encourage you to check more than one of these methods.


Employees will be contacted using the TMCC All Mailboxes group list. Students will be contacted at their college email address.

Social Media

Visit Facebook and Twitter to follow the college.

News Media

Local news media will carry TMCC information on their website or broadcasts.


The college will post a prominent message on all website pages.


Call 775-673-7000 for recorded messages.

Text Message Alerts

The college uses a text messaging system, Remind 101, for alerts. This free system is popular with K-12 teachers and coaches for management of class/team communications. If you are interested in subscribing to the TMCC Alert Text list, please complete the following steps:

  1. Send a text to 702-830-4634 with @tmccalert in the message field.
  2. Follow the instructions to sign up using your first and last name.
    Note: Because this service was designed for the K-12 education market, words like "coach" and "teacher" are used. If you receive a message from a coach or someone other than TMCC, you most likely typed the incorrect phone number. Simply unsubscribe from that list and start over.
  3. You will receive instructions for opting in, including adding your name and how to unsubscribe. Note that your number will not be shared, and you cannot send to the list.
    Note: Text message costs may be applied to your cellular phone bill depending on your service. In addition, during any given incident (a snow closure, for example) you may receive up to 10 messages depending on the changing conditions.