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TMCC Brand, Logos and Colors

TMCC Brand

Stressing its importance to job creation and economic recovery in Northern Nevada, Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) recently launched a new brand awareness campaign called "TMCC You Complete Me". The ads, featuring several graduates and students of TMCC who have moved on to find success in Northern Nevada’s workforce, can be seen and heard on a number of print, online, television and radio outlets around the region. The brand campaign development was funded in part by the TMCC Foundation. In addition, the brand message will be used for college student recruitment marketing.


The TMCC logo was redesigned in 2004 after research by an outside agency. Logos are available for authorized uses, and must appear prominently on every marketing piece. PIO has the responsibility to approve usage. The logo consists of the mountain and letters TMCC, with optional use of the full college name.

The official TMCC logos are:

PMS 583 - TMCC Green


100% Black


For a complete guide to logo colors and usages, download the TMCC Logo/Color Spec Sheet.

Please note the following when using the logo:

  • The logo may only by used in light green (PMS 583), black or white. Do not use a tint or percentage of PMS 583.
  • The logo may not appear in any other color without approval in advance from the PIO director.
  • The logo must appear on ALL college materials, which must be reviewed through PIO prior to production to ensure consistency in use to maintain the integrity of the college's visual identity.
  • Colors appear on your computer monitor differently than they do in print. For an exact color match, please contact PIO.
  • If you need a logo to fit in a specified space (or pixel count) please contact PIO.
  • Logos may be resized but not altered in any way, including using only part of the logo. Do not "skew" the logo.

Logo Files

High-resolution logos may be obtained from the public information office in a variety of graphical file formats, protecting the style of the logo and eliminating the need for font conversion between different operating systems. The logo is available in a wide variety of file formats including, .tif, .eps and .jpg. Do not scan or attempt to recreate the logo.

Multi-Colored and Graphical Backgrounds

The logo may be used on a multi-colored background, gradient or image. If used in this manner, the logo must be easily distinguished and not lost in the background.

Logo Usage Examples

Select a different location for logo
TMCC Logo Dont
TMCC Logo Do
Do not skew/stretch/rotate the logo
TMCC Logo Dont
TMCC Logo Do
Select a different type of logo
TMCC Logo Dont
TMCC Logo Do

Special Applications

The logo may be embossed, engraved, etched, cast in metal or carved in wood or stone. When possible, official colors should be used. Contact the PIO director in advance concerning these uses.

Previous Logos

The use of past TMCC logos, including the oval, has been discontinued. Please recycle materials with old logos.

Student Club Logo Use

PIO will review information produced by TMCC student clubs as requested by the club officers and/or adviser.


As stated in the Logo Use Policy (updated October 2014), the lizard mascot image must be used with the official college logo, as shown, and not in place of the logo. The lizard mascot was adopted in Spring 2014 through a joint project with the College and the Student Government Association. Please contact us with any questions.

TMCC MascotTMCC Mascot with Diploma

TMCC Colors (marketing)

Based on marketing research data, TMCC identified the following sub-palette PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors as representative of the college's brand attributes.

See Also: TMCC Logo and Usage Guidelines.

College Name on Logo

The logo may be used with or without the full name of the college. Logos are available with the words "Truckee Meadows Community College" as part of the logo file to avoid font matching. Do not add these words by typing; use a logo with the words included. For other assistance or clarification, please contact PIO directly.

College Fonts

The official college fonts used for consistency in TMCC publications are: Myriad MM (Myriad Pro), Minion MM (Minion Pro) and Marydale. If these fonts are not available, suitable alternates are Myriad Pro, Minion Pro or Arial. Contact PIO for more information. Note that for all online publications, fonts should be set to Verdana, 9 pt.

See Also: Web Services Document and Form Templates.