Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences Faculty and Staff

Lee Anderson Photo Name: Lee Anderson
Title: Administrative Assistant
Location: RDMT 321
Telephone: 775-673-7183
Sameer Bhattarai Photo Name: Sameer Bhattarai
Title: Environmental Science Instructor
Location: RDMT 321 E
Telephone: 775-673-7081
David Boden Photo Name: Dave R. Boden
Title: Professor of Geology
Location: RDMT 321 B
Telephone: 775-674-7685
Olga Katkova Photo Name: Olga Katkova
Title: Chemistry Instructor
Location: RDMT 321 G
Telephone: 775-673-7197
Kathleen Kolbet Photo Name: Kathleen Kolbet
Title: Professor of Chemistry/Department Chair
Location: RDMT 321 L
Telephone: 775-674-7652
Matthew Leathen Photo Name: Matt Leathen
Title: Chemistry Instructor
Location: RDMT 321 F
Telephone: 775-673-7089
Daniel Loranz Photo Name: Daniel Loranz
Title: Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Location: RDMT 321 J
Telephone: 775-673-8252
Online: Faculty Website
Photo Not Available Name: Ted Plaggemeyer
Title: Engineering Instructor
Location: RDMT 321 D
Telephone: 775-674-7552

College News

TMCC Receives $1.7 Million Grant

TAACCCT grant awarded for veteran's services, diesel technician training, and career programs.

Suicide Prevention Grant Awarded

TMCC receives a $300,000 suicide prevention program grant from DHHS.

Calendar of Events

TMCC Fall 2014 Job Fair

Wednesday, October 1
RDMT 111, Dandini Campus

SGA Senator Visit: Meadowood Center

Wednesday, October 1
Library and 1st Floor Vending Machine area