Planning for College for High School Sophomores

Sophomore Students

  • Meet with your counselor regarding appropriate college preparatory classes to take.
  • Ask the counselor about taking the PSAT or PLAN.
  • Sign up for extracurricular activities that interest you.
  • Keep your academic and extracurricular portfolio current.
  • Keep studying!
  • Keep reading!
  • Volunteer in your community–this service is a great way to identify or expand your interests and it strengthens your admission profile and opportunity for scholarships.
  • Continue to explore college choices and think about what is important to you–large or small classes, type of environment (urban, small town), sports and extracurricular offerings, on-campus housing, distance from home.
  • Continue to explore career possibilities.
  • To get a head start on college; consider applying to TMCC High School for your junior and senior years.

Parents of Sophomore Students

  • Help your child remain focused on the long-term goal of attending college and maintaining good study habits.
  • Keep the lines of communication open to understand challenges or peer-pressure your child might be facing.
  • Talk with your child's high school teachers and counselor to see if they have insights into how your child might improve academically.
  • Continue to explore potential colleges and their admission requirements with your son or daughter.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of living close to home and moving out-of-state.
  • Match college offerings to career options.
  • Visit college campuses either locally or in towns where you're vacationing.
  • Watch for and attend public events held at TMCC or other local universities to familiarize you and your child with the college.