Planning for College for High School Seniors

Senior Student

  • Review what steps you need to complete to enroll in the the college you are planning to attend. At TMCC you can refer to our steps to enroll web page for guidance.
  • Fill out the application for admission. Note: admission to the college does not guarantee admission into all programs.
  • Apply for federal financial aid and scholarships. At TMCC, we have a financial aid office to assist you.
  • Take the ACT, SAT, or designated assessment test. At TMCC, the assessment test is ACCUPLACER.
  • Attend a New Student Workshop and meet with an academic advisor.
  • Check your admission status to ensure that there is nothing left for you to do to enroll in the college of your choice. At TMCC, you can check your admission status at MyTMCC.
  • Register for classes! At TMCC, you can use MyTMCC to enroll in selected classes.
  • Pay your fees and make sure you check the college calendar for important dates and deadlines. At TMCC, important dates and deadlines are posted online for you to review.

Parents of Senior Students

  • Work with your college bound student to ensure that he/she is participating in all college activities and completes the necessary steps to enroll in the college they are applying to. At TMCC, prospective students can refer to the steps to enroll.
  • Make sure that your student is in contact with their high school guidance counselor and is utilizing the resources of the career center at their school.
  • Talk to your student about the responsibilities of school, work, and home life. Discuss changes that will come in learning how to balance these areas of their life as a college freshman.
  • Be supportive, yet not overbearing. Your student will need to start taking responsibilities for his/her decisions.
  • Remember that once a student becomes enrolled at TMCC the student now falls under the FERPA act and is now solely responsible for their records.