College vs. High School: Teachers

Teachers in High School

  • Teachers check students' homework and give them feedback.
  • Teachers remind students of assignments and due dates.
  • Teachers approach students if they believe they need assistance.
  • Teachers are usually available before and after class to answer questions or provide additional information.
  • Teachers provide students with information they missed if they missed class.
  • Teachers present material to help students understand the textbook.
  • Teachers often write the information on the board for students to copy as notes.

Professors in College

  • Professors may not always check homework and assume that students will be able to perform the same tasks on exams.
  • Professors expect students to read, save and consult the course syllabus (outline) that is given out the first day of class. The syllabus spells out what is expected of students, when assignments are due and how students will be graded.
  • Professors are usually open and helpful, but expect students to initiate contact if they need assistance.
  • Professors expect students to meet with them during scheduled office hours.
  • Professors expect students to get notes from classmates if they miss any classes.
  • Professors often don't follow the textbook. Instead they may expand on topics by providing additional information and students are expected to know all the material.
  • Professors often lecture non-stop and expect students to be able to pick out the important points in their notes.