College vs. High School: Grades

Grades in High School

  • Grades are given for most assigned work.
  • Consistently good homework may help raise students overall grade even when test results have low grades.
  • Extra credit projects are often available to students to help them raise their grade.
  • Initial test grades may not have an adverse effect on a student's final grade.

Grades in College

  • All assigned work may or may not be graded.
  • Students should check the course syllabus for how assignments are weighted. Results on tests and major projects or papers usually provide most of the course grade.
  • Extra credit projects are seldom available.
  • First tests may count for a substantial part of a student's grade. If students receive notice that they are not doing well, schedule an appointment with a counselor to learn strategies for improving study habits or time management skills or make use of the free tutoring offered.