Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program

Nursing Program Readmission Policy

The information on this page is for students who have been accepted to the TMCC Nursing Program and are current students.

Readmission Policy (Adopted May 2013)

Progression through the Nursing Program

  • The TMCC Nursing Program may be re-entered twice; any nursing course may not be repeated more than once.
  • Nursing program courses may not be repeated for a better grade.
  • Students who withdraw for any reason, either academic or non-academic reasons including events such as, illness, or family issues must apply for readmission into the semester in which they were unsuccessful.

Readmission Policy

  1. Student can only be readmitted once in the same course for a total of 2 readmissions to the nursing program.
    1. Readmission is only on a space available basis.
    2. Each nursing cohort is capped at 32 students
    3. If unsuccessful with the second attempt in the same course, the student will be academically withdrawn from the program and will not be eligible for readmission.
    4. Students unsuccessful in a given course(s) can request readmission to the course(s) the next available date courses are offered on a space available basis.
      1. Upon readmission to the Program – This would constitute 1 readmission
      2. If student is again unsuccessful, the student will be withdrawn from the Program. Any nursing program course cannot be taken more than 2 times.
      3. Students who withdraw for personal reason (s) or are academically withdrawn from any nursing course with a clinical component will be required to repeat the same clinical component. The structure and content of the clinical course may be modified to accommodate student learning needs.
      4. If student is successful, student will progress to the next level of program courses and the student would have 1 more opportunity to be readmitted.
        1. If student is unsuccessful at this level, the student will have 1 more opportunity to apply. This would constitute the second and final readmission attempt.
  2. Students may withdraw from one or more courses and continue with any co-requisite program courses that they are currently passing, but must notify (in writing) within five business days all course faculty and the Director of Nursing of their plan to either continue with concurrent courses or to withdraw from all courses. If no notification is received, the student will be administratively withdrawn from all program courses.
    1. The written intent must be submitted as a hard copy with a date and time stamp to one of the Administrative Assistants at Dandini Campus RMDT 417 who will distribute the letters to the appropriate faculty and DON.
      1. This written intent does not constitute request for readmission at the next time courses are offered.
      2. Students who are withdrawn must apply for readmission on or before the due date as stated.
  3. Students unsuccessful in any 1st semester nursing course will need to reapply to the nursing program for the same semester the following year. The student will be enrolled only in the course(s) the student was unsuccessful in during their previous enrollment.
    1. Each nursing cohort remains capped at 32 students
    2. Initial program admission criteria will be utilized in the reapplication process for placement and acceptance to nursing program.
    3. The reapplication to the nursing program will constitute 1 of 2 readmissions into the program.
    4. If the student continues to be unsuccessful in any 1st semester nursing course, the student will be withdrawn from the program entirely.
    5. Student must adhere to current program admission deadlines.


  1. No more than two calendar years can elapse between withdrawal and readmission.
  2. "F" "W" or "I" grades will be issued according to TMCC Policy.
  3. Readmission is not guaranteed, being contingent on space available.
  4. If there is not space available for all students requesting reentry/readmission, a lottery will be conducted for non-academic withdrawals.
  5. For academic withdrawals, student plans and documentation will be rated based on appropriateness of plan and actions completed and ranked for readmission.

Applying for Readmission

  1. Students must submit letters to the Readmission Committee by the following dates.
    • May 1 for fall semester
    • November 1 for spring semester
  2. Letters submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  3. All application letters for readmission are reviewed by the Readmission Committee, comprised of tenured and non-tenured faculty and the director. Letters must formally request admission and should include:
    • Current student contact information (cell phone, land phone, address, email)
    • The semester and course in which re-admission is requested.
    • The remediation plan provided by faculty at the exit interview (include form given to student).
    • A self-assessment of areas for improvement-- the factors that the student feels led to academic failure.
    • A remediation plan and progress made toward completion. Address items that will increase the chance of success.
  4. Documentation of any of the following:
    • Transcripts of courses taken
    • Letters from employer or counselor regarding steps taken
    • Participation in test anxiety or test taking skills program
  5. The committee will make recommendations to the faculty as a whole and may contact the applicant for additional information.
  6. The nursing faculty will make the final decision based on recommendations from the Readmission Committee.
  7. Upon readmission to the nursing program, a contractual agreement for success will be created by the Course Faculty, along with input from the Readmission Committee, which outlines the requirements for the student. This may include additional course work.

See Also: TMCC Nursing Program Student Handbook | Nursing Program Acknowledgment Release form.