Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program

Nursing Program Exam Policy

The information on this page is for students who have been accepted to the TMCC Nursing Program and are current students.

Exam Policy (rev. February 2013)

The following is the grading scale used for all TMCC Nursing Program courses
A 92.00 – 100.00
B 83.00 – 91.99
C 75.00 – 82.99
D 65.00 – 74.99
F 00.00 – 64.99
  1. Students must achieve a C or better in each class in order to remain in the program.
  2. 75% is the minimum passing grade for the nursing program. Letter grades will be derived from a calculation out to two decimal places to the hundredth. However, there will be no rounding up of scores. Although rounding is a mathematical principle, the nursing department faculty believe that there must be a minimum standard. This is based on the profession of nursing having minimum standards.
  3. The grading criteria outlined in the course syllabus will be used by faculty to determine final grades for each course.
  4. Students who receive a failing grade for any course will meet with course faculty to develop a remediation plan for potential readmission.
  5. Course faculty will not calculate a cumulative course grade for students at any point during the semester. The final course grade will be available via the Canvas platform following the final exam item analysis.
  6. Nursing faculty will outline the evaluation methods for each nursing program course in the syllabus.


  1. Unit exams will be faculty generated and the final exam will be a publisher produced exam for the following nursing program courses: NURS 102, 138, 170, 209, 202 and 274.
  2. All other Nursing Program courses will have faculty generated unit and final exams, specifically: NURS 212, 152 & 153.
  3. The nursing program courses that administer the publisher produced final exam, the Conversion Score will be the score entered as the final exam score. All unit exams, the percent correct or raw score will be the score entered as the exam score.
  4. All other Nursing Program courses that have faculty generated unit and final exam, the percent correct or raw score will be the score entered as the exam score.
  5. At the completion of the nursing program during NURS 274, the students will be required to take a "completion of nursing program", publisher produced exam. Instructions will be provided to students during NURS 274.
  6. Any student requiring ADA accommodation must provide documentation from the TMCC Disability Resource Center during the first two weeks of the semester. In the event that a student requires accommodations later in the semester, the faculty must be notified at least one week prior to an exam and/or quiz in order to arrange accommodation.

    Documentation received on the day of an exam or quiz will be not accepted. Documentation must be delivered to each theory course faculty via the online course platform or delivered to the theory course faculty TMCC mailbox as directed by faculty.

    Students are referred to the TMCC Disability Resource Centerfor more information.
    • Students receiving ADA accommodation for the administration of exams will receive instructions from the course faculty as to the time and location of the exam.
    • Students will not be able to ask questions during the entire exam period to the course faculty.
  7. For all Nursing Program exams, students will be allowed 1.5 minutes per question.
  8. For all traditional Nursing Program courses, students may not have any textbooks, notebooks, food or beverages on the desk at any time during an exam. No hats or sunglasses are allowed. Bottled water without a label is allowed.
    • Only issued calculators, scratch paper and pencils are permitted.
    • All books, coats, backpacks and other belongings will be placed at the front or sides of the classroom prior to the exam.
    • Cell phones are to be turned off or silenced during the testing period.
    • Students may not leave exams in progress for any reason unless accompanied by a proctor.
    • Students are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity and are not to utilize textbooks, notecards or personal assistance during the exam process.
  9. For online Nursing Program courses, quizzes and exams will be administered online unless otherwise specified by faculty. At course faculty discretion, quizzes and exams may be administered in a proctored learning environment.
    • Students taking quizzes and exams online are required to work independently without the use of textbooks, notebooks, or audio, visual, or written input from others. Work submitted online must be work completed by the student only. Students should not be taking quizzes or exams with a partner.
    • Quizzes and exams that are given online will have date and time limitations for when the exam will be available. Exams will automatically be submitted at the end of the time limit indicated whether or not the student has answered every question. Specific information will be outlined in course instructions. Each quiz or exam may be submitted one time only. Any student who fails to take the quiz or exam during the time frame allotted will receive a grade of zero (0) for that assessment.
    • Only the student enrolled in the course must take all exams and quizzes.
  10. No re-take of any exam or portion of an exam is allowed.
  11. If it is determined that the student has been dishonest, a grade of "F" will be issued for the course and the student will be withdrawn from the Nursing Program.
  12. If a student misses a unit exam, the weighted percentage of the exam missed will be added to the comprehensive final exam percentage. For example if the missed exam is worth 20% of the grade and the final exam is 30%, the final exam weight would be 50%.
  13. "Select All That Apply" questions are utilized on all nursing program exams. No partial credit will be awarded for a partial answer. The student must have answered all of the correct options to receive credit for the question.
  14. "Select All That Apply" questions will be included on each nursing program exam. The number of the "Select All That Apply" questions will increase with each exam with the last unit exam consisting of no more than as outlined related to the specific nursing course:
    • NURS 138 – 3 questions
    • NURS 170 – 4 questions
    • NURS 202 – 5 questions
    • NURS 274 – 6 questions
    • NURS 102, 152, 212, 153 & 209 (may include no more than 2)
  15. No extra credit will be provided for students to raise their grade in Nursing Program courses.


If a student is late, he/she will only be allowed the allotted time remaining to complete the exam. Time limits for online exams will be enforced. Students who begin an online exam after the exam has started will only be allowed the allotted time to complete the exam, which will be automatically submitted when the time expires. Each exam may only be submitted one time only.

Final Examination Rules


Students must notify all the course faculty of any absence prior to the start of the exam following instructions provided in the syllabus for contacting faculty.

Excused Absence

  1. Absence from a final exam may be excused only for such reasons as a family death, court mandated appearance, and personal illness (requiring HCP documentation).
  2. Any absence must have appropriate documentation in order to be excused. All course faculty will make the determination of whether an absence is excused if it meets the above criteria.

Unexcused Absence

  1. No make-up exam will be scheduled for the final exam.

Make-Up Exams (for excused absences only)

  1. Faculty will determine the time of any make-up final exam.
  2. No matter the score achieved, a maximum of 75% will be recorded for any make-up exam, but there is no minimum. Students who receive a score of less than 75% will have that score used to calculate the final grade.
  3. An additional exam fee will be assessed for any make-up final exam.


  1. Any threat of violence directed toward any faculty, student, staff or administration as outlined in the NSHE Code, Section 6.2.2, will be reported to TMCC Police Department.
  2. Examinations:
    • In preparation for exams, students are encouraged, as needed, to seek clarification of the concepts from faculty, nursing program tutors and peers prior to the exams.
    • All unit exams will be administered with a test booklet and scantron. The student will submit their answers on the scantron. The answer on the scantron will be the final accepted answer. Therefore, if there is a discrepancy between the answer on the test booklet vs. the scantron, the scantron answer will be the answer utilized to calculate the exam grade. There will be no exceptions.
    • When the student has completed the exam, they will raise their hand and the faculty will pick up the completed scantron, math calculations (if applicable), calculator and pencils. If the student chooses to stay for the exam review, the student will keep the exam booklet. If not, the faculty will pick up the exam booklet with the scantron and other testing equipment.
    • Students are encouraged to record their answers on the scantron as the students' progress through the exam booklet. If a student has not fully completed their scantron at the conclusion of the examination session, no additional time will be provided to the student to transfer answers from the exam booklet to the scantron. Only those completed answers on the scantron will be utilized in the calculation of the exam grade.
    • Immediately following each unit exams, the students will be given the correct answers for the test questions. A rationale for the correct answer will not be provided by nursing faculty. Further discussion will not occur during the review.
    • Once a thorough item analysis is completed by the course faculty, the exam results will be posted to the related Canvas course site.
    • Students receiving below a 75% on an exam are encouraged to review course concepts individually. If still needing guidance, contact faculty responsible for teaching the specific concept to request an appointment during their scheduled office hours. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the course faculty within 5 academic days of distribution of exam results to the students.
    • Students receiving less than a 75% on an exam are encouraged to contact the Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program Tutor Coordinator, for tutoring options available for the student. Students are also encouraged to utilize the Elsevier HESI site for remediation.
    • Correct responses will be provided for quizzes and there will be no review of any exam.
    • Upon completion of the Elsevier produced final exam and an item analysis review by faculty, each student will receive an analysis of their individual results with a remediation plan, provided by Elsevier HESI assessment.
  3. Exam results and the cumulative course grade will be posted on Canvas. The final exam results for each course will not be posted until all related nursing final exams are completed.
  4. Students who receive a failing grade for the course will receive an email indicating an assigned appointment time to meet with faculty to develop a remediation plan and discuss readmission options.