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Tuesday, September 16
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Tuesday, September 16
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TAP Workshops Help Students Transfer

Posted: Aug 14, 2014

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Every month, students can attend a one hour transfer workshop led by a representative from the University of Nevada, Reno, and the next two sessions are Wednesday, Aug. 20 and Wednesday, Sept. 17 in Red Mountain Building, room 111 on the Dandini campus.

Kari Emm, Transfer Recruitment Coordinator at UNR, offers these hour-long Transfer Admissions Program (TAP) sessions, and also is available for individual appointments following the meeting.

Starting at a community college is beneficial in promoting academic success, and is also cost-effective, said Staci Miller, Academic Advisor and Transfer Coordinator in Academic Advisement, Transfer Center and International Student Advising Services.

“By completing your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science at TMCC before transferring, you will earn a core waiver and guaranteed admissions to a Nevada university,” Miller said. “With the core waiver, the general education classes you take toward your A.A. or A.S. degree will be accepted by a Nevada university, and in most cases you will transfer as a junior well on your way to completing a bachelor’s degree,” Miller said.

TAP sessions present practical and timely information

The TAP workshops cover general information about the university, steps to transfer, special services offered, and introduces the co-admissions process.

Co-admissions is a unique way to help students transition from TMCC to UNR. The program provides students with access to the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center (library), all university services including advising, and transcript sharing between the two institutions, Miller said.

To be eligible for this pre-transfer process, TMCC students need to meet a 2.0 grade point average requirement, have earned between 12-30 credits, and other guidelines. Students who are co-admitted can start to study at UNR while still at TMCC, or get involved at the University, making a smooth transition into a bachelor’s program.

More information about the transfer process to UNR, including co-admissions, may be found on UNR’s transfer Web pages.

Co-admissions is the least costly route to a bachelor’s degree, according to the site. Additional benefits listed there are:

  • Coordinated academic advising at both colleges
  • Events that familiarize students with UNR
  • Certainty about how specific courses will transfer

 Starting at a community college advances academic success

“The campus is smaller, and you can easily see all resources that are available, such as tutoring, advising, the Writing Center and job preparation help,” Miller said. “There are smaller class sizes in general education courses. And the cost savings are significant.”

Tuition at TMCC is $87.50 per credit. Tuition at a four-year university is about $190 or above.

TMCC offers free parking and discounts to mass transit. And perhaps most important, students at TMCC have said that their instructors are well admired.

“The pleasure and honor was mine to study with (TMCC) Professors Kurt Ehlers, Bridgett Blaque, Anne Flesher and Bill Gallegos,” said Darrin McCarthy, UNR honors student. “On a bad day, they are inspiring … on a good day, they are electrifying. I looked forward to calculus; it was sick. Kurt Ehlers kindles a fire inside of you for math, teaching everything from 126 to calculus.”

A graphic communications student agrees.

“My drawing instructor was extremely knowledgeable after years of being a professional artist, and I learned so much,” said Michael Lindsey. “He was passionate about his subject, encouraging and patient with the students.”

For more information about Transfer Day or TAP workshops, email Staci Miller or call her at 775-673-7062.

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