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Six-Week 3-D Printing Certificate

Posted: Aug 25, 2014

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It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel: the ability to print three-dimensional objects from your computer – a child’s toy, an engine part or a prosthetic limb.

However, the technology behind this concept is not only possible; it’s happening right now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 3-D printers are getting better at what they do, and they’re cheaper and easier to use, leading to an industry boom as more and more applications for the technology are discovered.

In the wake of these new advances, TMCC Workforce Development and Continuing Education is debuting its new noncredit 3-D Printing Certificate Program. The course runs Tuesdays from Sept. 9 to Oct. 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the TMCC Meadowood Center.

In this Certificate Program, students will work on two 3-D modeling software programs to turn their ideas into 3-D models. Then they’ll print their objects using UNR’s 3-D printer at the DeLaMare Library.

This six-week program proves that 3-D printing skills can be learned by just about anyone.

“With a 3-D printer, you no longer need access to huge manufacturing,” said Tara Radniecki, WDCE Instructor and Engineering Librarian at the DeLaMare Library.

It’s not just manufacturing that’s getting the edge. Radniecki cites examples of using the 3-D printer for non-manufacturing purposes, such as creating an apparatus for a chemical engineering experiment or printing a model train set for a hobbyist.

“It gives you the power to design and build whatever you want and need,” Radniecki said.

Even if you don’t run a business, 3-D printing can lead to employment opportunities.

“There are tons of startups that are actually maker-based,” Radniecki said. As more businesses utilize 3-D printing and more 3-D printing services pop up, each will require trained workers to maintain and use the devices. Workers trained to use 3-D printers, even if it’s not part of the job they’re seeking, will have an edge over other job applicants.

View our 3D Printing video to learn more about this program. This Certification Program costs $499. Students may register online or by calling 775-829-9010.

More information on the six-week 3D Printing Class may be found in the WDCE class schedule.

TMCC also offers for-credit courses, A.A.S. and Certificate of Achievement in Drafting

TMCC also offers 3-D printing on the main Dandini Campus as part of the A.A.S. and Certificate of Achievement in Drafting Program. For more information about the Drafting Program, please contact Professor Brian Ruf.

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