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Sign Up for a Late Start Class Now

Posted: Feb 1, 2013

TMCC will offer late start classes that will begin after February. 1. To enroll in these classes, apply for admission to the college and register on Classes to be offered include early childhood education, mental health, substance abuse, math, history and political science. To view available late start classes, please use the Additional Search Criteria in the online searchable class schedule ( Select a SESSION listed as Dynamic Dated or Dynamic Dated Intensive (DYN or DYI) for late-start classes.

Important information: 

  1. To register for a late start class, log into
  2. To pay for late start classes, pay for tuition and fees within 48 hours after you enroll.
  3. Students enrolling in late start courses must meet the class prerequisites.
  4. Please check the online searchable class schedule at regarding any prerequisites for the course in which you are enrolling.

For other information, call 673-7111.

Posted by:
TMCC's Public Information Office
Telephone: 775-673-7087

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