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TMCC awarded $1.8 million Veterans Upward Bound grant

Posted: Sep 26, 2012

TMCC's Veteran’s Upward Bound (VUB) program serves a minimum of 164 veterans each year across eight counties in Northern Nevada, providing educational and personal support. In August 2012, Veterans Upward Bound Project Director Robert Hernandez submitted and was awarded a $1,841,335, five year grant from the US Department of Education TRIO program to continue this important program. The TRIO grant application process through the Department of Education is highly competitive, and 300 VUB grant proposals were submitted. Of these, only 37 existing programs received continued funding, and only 5 new programs will be considered. The expertise of Project Director Robert Hernandez ensured that TMCC received one of these 42 awards, and the proposal he prepared was not only awarded at the full requested amount, but also received a perfect score by reviewers. Out of a maximum possible points of 125, the TMCC VUB grant was rated at 125 points by each reviewer.

Currently thousands of veterans exit military service every month only to find an overwhelming combination of emotional, financial, academic and cultural obstacles. The improved Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits package, continued military operations, and lack of employment opportunities in the current economy will continue to cause substantial increases in the student veteran enrollment. As a result, veterans returning from war have created new cohorts primarily consisting of 19-30 year old men and women who have experienced things that the traditional college student has not.

The VUB program is in tune with the changing demographics of the veteran population. Regardless of the era of veteran, VUB is flexible and creative in designing instruction and other college preparation services that address the individual needs of any veteran. With over 23 years of effectively serving the educational preparation needs of veterans, the VUB program is fully prepared to address the multiple needs of the newest returning, post 9/11 veteran for educational success.

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