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Apply Today for a Scholarship from TMCC Foundation

Posted: Apr 23, 2014

Picture of Student Awarded a Scholarship

TMCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Jane Nichols (right), congratulates a student scholarship recipient at the 2013 Legacy Scholarship Dinner.

This news story was updated to reflect the extended application deadline of Friday, May 18.

Scholarships can breathe new life into your dreams.

“I am a single parent and the only financial provider in my home,” said a TMCC Criminal Justice student and 2013 scholarship recipient. “I always dreamt of going to college.  The financial burden and family disruption I suffered did not allow me to continue my studies.  Today, at age 38, I am able to fulfill this dream.”

Winning a scholarship is entirely possible, but you must apply to be considered.

It is quick and easy to apply.

One application is needed to qualify for about 200 scholarships from the TMCC Foundation. The priority deadline for submitting completed applications is Friday, May 18.

The online application form is straightforward and should take less than one hour to finish, said Karen Frazier, TMCC Foundation Scholarship and Endowment Coordinator.

Scholarship awards are based on many factors: scholastic merit, college and community service, life circumstances, financial need and major field of study.

Expert advice to win a scholarship

“Be detailed about your financial need,” Frazier said. “Give some details or description about your life, so the reviewer knows you better.”

She also recommends that each section be filled out as fully as possible.

“Make sure you fill out all the sections of the application,” Frazier said. “For example, try to find a relevant experience in your life to answer the questions in the awards and activities sections.”

There are numerous awards for which to qualify, including many general scholarships open to all students. The list includes scholarships for those who are studying in a particular subject area, who belong to a specific organization or church, who are part-time students, and for those who are registered with the Disability Resource Center and/or Re-Entry Center.  

Here are just some of the academic areas for which students can receive a foundation scholarship:

  • Biology
  • Nursing
  • HVAC/R
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Culinary Arts
  • Drafting
  • Welding
  • Education
  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Fire Science Technology

More than 400 TMCC students received foundation scholarships in 2013

TMCC Foundation Scholarships are designed to award achievement and encourage academic excellence. In 2013, more than 400 scholarships were presented, totaling $423,000.

“It is with tremendous honor and appreciation that I accept this award, because as a youth I struggled in school, and for a long time doubted my ability to succeed in school,” said a TMCC transfer student and 2013 scholarship recipient.  “I have overcome challenges from health to finances, and am now setting a good example for my son.  He often approaches me as I am toiling away at accounting problems or writing a paper, and says, “What are you doing Daddy?” I tell him “Son, I am working on my homework.”

Even in the recession, 75 percent of TMCC graduates report being employed within one year of graduation. Twenty-eight percent of TMCC graduates report a job promotion.

“I lost my job a year ago, and receiving this scholarship gave me the opportunity to literally change my life!” said a TMCC student and 2013 scholarship recipient.  “I am 53 years old, and I have learned so much coming back to school.  I am doing well and loving it!  You have certainly made a difference in my life—a difference that I will take with me forever!”

Scholarships create wings for ambitions and goals. It’s time to make your career fly.

For more information, contact TMCC Foundation at 775-674-7648.


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