The Meadow 2014 Literary and Art Journal - page 10

by Jesse DeLong
[Driving past the slag piles, covered in pollen. Shadows of clouds spotting
the mounds]
If ever entered a mine shaft must be seen out to its conclusion the
light at its end expected a sort of relief not that it’s there but that
we might start dealing with it
Last Wednesday we invited over for a
barbecue the only three friends of mine you could utter a syllable towards
In the middle of folding onions into meat you or maybe it
said something only meant to be tested inside the beetle-&-bat-burrows
of the brain Gritty as they are Everything spoils once confronted with
air It was not finished when the first guests arrived
Hello how are
you We’re fine thanks
The burgers are already on
Step outside in the
So much of our lives are lived out like a sitcom The one where
she placed my cloth sack two books & a toothbrush by the door
A symbol By the door
Even before that a year before I was at the
grocery store near the register eating some M&M’s
Late at
night A woman clearly furious walked in with her husband Bless
her someone bless her She refused to hide her rage Not uttering
a word she bought a small sack of smoked almonds with food stamps
Her husband hustled behind her desperate looking dandruff on
his shoulders wearing a Hamburgler shirt He wheelbarrowed his
worries on me
You know
kings never used to live like me
I live
better than kings did centuries ago
His wife frictioned her shoes on the
tile refusing to look at him
Not even Kings had the things I have
vibration of his voice more honest than I’d ever be was directed at the
reaction on my face one his wife might catch
She cracked an almond
in her jaw Or the day before our guests arrived when you told me
something you felt necessary and in the middle of your speech I said
yes yes I understand
though I still had to sit & listen to an end
you couldn’t stop chasing.
Fieldguide to the Southeastern
Idaho Phosphate District
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