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2014 Issue is Here!

2014 The Meadow Cover Art

Cover Design Contest


TMCC Student graphic designers or a graphic designer/artist collaboration team are eligible.

Journal Dimensions

The journal dimensions are 6" wide by 9" high-full bleeds OK; a 1/8" border gets snipped so the actual viewable cover 5 7/8" x 8 7/8". The designer will need to extend the color scheme and/or design across the spine and back flap. The winner must have all supporting files available for manipulation and ready for the printer.

Cover Design Title Requirements

The cover design must feature the title "the Meadow" and the date "2013" or a space for the title and date. Designers can leave a space for the existing title logo, place a mock title logo in the designated space, or recreate a matching title logo: "the Meadow 2013."

Title Logo Fonts

Title logo fonts are Trajan Pro Regular ("Meadow") and Zapfino ("the" and "2013") — see the current cover for an example. The size of the title logo fonts is variable according to the demands of the cover design. The title logo can be presented as a horizontal logo or stacked with "the Meadow" above and the year below.

Download: "the Meadow" title logo source file

Creation and Submission Formats

You can create submissions for the cover design contest in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or another program. Please submit your design to the editorial board in a PDF. You can submit the design via email as a PDF attachment. Please also send along a printed hard copy of your design if you are concerned that a standard ink jet printer won't adequately capture your work. You can also send a file on a CD with a printed copy of the design. In the text of your email or on a separate sheet, include title (if any), contact information and a brief bio. Please see our submission guidelines for further details.

Final Thoughts

The winning entry may need to be altered or adjusted prior to publication. The editorial board reserves the right to ask questions of the designer or the collaboration team before announcing a winner. Original artwork can be incorporated into the design, but the student must refrain from using copyrighted artwork or material unless he/she has the explicit permission of the copyright holder. The cover design contest deadline is Labor Day.

Questions, Mind You?

If you have any questions, please contact the editor.