Math Department

Math Placement and Test Preparation

Students place into TMCC math classes either by testing into the class or by having completed an appropriate pre-requisite class.


ACCUPLACER, ACT and SAT test scores are accepted for placement into TMCC math classes, provided that these scores are not more than two years old. If a student's test scores are more than two years old and the student has not completed an appropriate pre-requisite class with a grade of "C" or better within the past two years, the student must re-test to place into a math class.

TMCC's Testing Services uses the ACCUPLACER test for initial placement only. Once a student has begun taking math classes at TMCC, that student may not use the ACCUPLACER test to advance through a math sequence.

Completion of Pre-requisite Class

A grade of "C" or better in the prerequisite class or its equivalent taken within the past two years at TMCC, within the NSHE, or at another college, qualifies a student for placement into a TMCC math class. Courses taken at a college outside the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) must be submitted for evaluation to TMCC Academic Advisement or to Admissions and Records.

Math Placement Test Cut-off Scores

The following ACCUPLACER, SAT and ACT cut-off scores are currently in effect for placement into TMCC math classes. These scores are subject to modification at any time. If a single score is listed, it is a minimum score.

TestRaw Score RangeCourse Placement
20-79 MATH Skills Center
80-120 MATH 95, MATH 108
Elementary Algebra
76-120 MATH 96, MATH 106
College Level Math
20-49 MATH 96, MATH 106
50-83 MATH 120
55-83 MATH 126
70-100 MATH 122, MATH 123, MATH 128
84-100 MATH 127, MATH 176, STAT 152
101-120 MATH 181
SAT 400-460 MATH 95
470-490 MATH 96,
MATH 96 online (minimum score of 440 on both the SAT Reading and Writing tests)
500-550 MATH 120, MATH 126
560-610 MATH 127, STAT 152
620 MATH 122, MATH 123, MATH 128, MATH 176
630 MATH 181
ACT 17-18 MATH 95
19-21 MATH 96,
MATH 96 online (minimum score of 440 on both the SAT Reading and Writing tests)
22-24 MATH 120, MATH 126
25-27 MATH 122, MATH 123, MATH 127, MATH 128, STAT 152
27-28 MATH 176
28 MATH 181

Online Developmental Class Registration Policy

Registration for online developmental math classes is by departmental permission and limited to students who meet the following three requirements:

  1. The student has not dropped or failed the class before, or the student has a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. The student has a grade of A or B in the prerequisite class, or a qualifying ACCUPLACER math, ACT math or SAT math score, taken within the past two years.
  3. The student has a minimum ACCUPLACER Reading score of 86 and a minimum ACCUPLACER Essay Sample score of 5 (or a minimum score of 440 on both the SAT Reading and Writing tests, or a minimum score of 18 on both the ACT Reading and Writing tests), or a C or higher in English 98R, taken within the past two years.

Students who meet these requirements are advised to contact the Math department.

Math Placement Test Preparation

A review of basic math concepts and skills can significantly raise a student's score on a math placement test. The review options below are designed to help self-motivated students place into an appropriate math class. Please note these are "self-help" options: no TMCC tutoring or instruction is provided (also note that any specific course information contained in an external link applies to the institution that has set up this link and not to TMCC).

  • ACCUPLACER provides sample test questions (scroll down in the file to the sections labeled Arithmetic Sample Questions, Elementary Algebra Sample Questions and College-Level Mathematics Test).
  • Los Angeles Valley College provides sample test questions (choose the Elementary Algebra or Intermediate Algebra or Pre-Calculus tests).
  • College of Southern Nevada provides sample test questions (select a test under ACCUPLACER Info and Practice).
  • This Pre-Algebra Quick Review (designed to help students place into Math 095) is for students who need only a little brushing up on their pre-algebra math skills.
  • ACCUPLACER review with free videos.

The extensive pre-algebra review options below are for students who are highly motivated and comfortable teaching themselves math on their own; students testing below Math 095 who need motivation, support, and tutoring to learn math should enroll in the TMCC Skills Center.

ALEKS Online Pre-Algebra Course

ALEKS provides an initial assessment of the student's math skills, an individualized curriculum based upon that initial assessment, guided practice problems, worked examples, video tutorials, and regular assessments during the course. The 18-week ALEKS access code to take this class currently costs $67.00 (if purchased online). For details, see ALEKS Pre-Algebra Course.

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