Math Department

Registration Policies for Math Courses

Registration Before the Start of a Session

Students enrolled in a pre-requisite class in a math sequence are allowed to register for the next class in the sequence in anticipation of their passing the prerequisite class. At the end of the term, students who have not received a grade of "C" or better in the prerequisite class must drop themselves from any subsequent class in the sequence for which they may have registered.

Before each session, students self-register into math classes using MyTMCC. If a class section is full before the start of a session, students should do the following:

  1. Continue trying to register on MyTMCC. A place in the class may open up at any time.
  2. Look for other sections of the same class that may be open.
  3. Contact the instructor to find out the instructor's policy on adding students after classes begin (that policy will depend on the class, the instructional platform, the instructional methods, etc).

Registration When a Session has Begun

Open Classes. At the start of each session a limited open registration period allows students to self-enroll into open classes. After open registration closes, the decision to add or not to add a student is made by the instructor (subject to classroom caps and student satisfaction of course prerequisites).

Full Classes. The Math department does not keep wait lists. Students hoping to get into a full class should contact the instructor before the class begins. At this point the instructor's policy will dictate. Some instructors will allow students to attend class (seats must be available), and some will not. Some instructors will administratively drop students for non-attendance during the 100% refund period to make room for students who are waiting to get into the class, and some will not.

An instructor who allows a student to attend a full class during open registration has no obligation to add the student to the class when open registration closes, and at this time may require that all students who are not enrolled stop attending. Class sizes are not ordinarily increased (exceptions to this rule are made jointly by the instructor and the department chair on a case-by-case basis).

TMCC Administrative Withdrawal Policy

The TMCC Math Department adheres to TMCC's Administrative Withdrawal Policy:

Because instructors consider class attendance an integral part of the learning experience, students are required to attend the first class of each course in which they register and adhere to the attendance policy established by the course instructor and stated in the course syllabus. During the 100% refund period, an instructor may drop a student for nonattendance and/or not meeting the prerequisites for a class.

See Also: College Catalog Records Information

Online Developmental Class Registration Policy

Registration for online developmental math classes is by departmental permission and limited to students who meet the following three requirements:

  1. The student has not dropped or failed the class before, or the student has a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. The student has a grade of A or B in the prerequisite class, or a qualifying ACCUPLACER math, ACT math or SAT math score, taken within the past two years.
  3. The student has a minimum ACCUPLACER Reading score of 86 and a minimum ACCUPLACER Essay Sample score of 5 (or a minimum score of 440 on both the SAT Reading and Writing tests, or a minimum score of 18 on both the ACT Reading and Writing tests), or a C or higher in English 98R, taken within the past two years.

Students who meet these requirements are advised to contact the Math department.

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