Writing Style Guides

The following sites are from the excellent OWL pages at Purdue.


See Also: Basics of APA Style Guide (Flash Tutorial)


Scientific Style

Chicago Style

Additional Resources

AAA Citation Style

Automated Citation Creator
This site provides an easy way to plug in information about sources to get a citation in APA or MLA format. Please Use Caution — the results may not match the official format required by your instructor. Check with him or her first before using this site.

Research Papers - Citation and Reference Formats
Learn about "different citation and reference systems: APA, MLA, Chicago (Turabian), ASA, I-Search, and CBE.

APA from Bedford/St. Martin's Press
The Social Sciences.

MLA from Bedford/St. Martin's Press
English and Other Humanities.

Use KnightCite to easily cite a book, journal/magazine or a TV/radio program.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Use these resources to improve your writing skills and help with grammar problems.

The Everyday Writer
This rich website has information on documenting (citing) your sources, lots of sample essays and tips to correct common writing errors

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