How does the Library Laptop Loan Program work?

Currently-enrolled TMCC students/employees may check out a laptop computer for a single day. Loans are on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations for use may not be made.

Laptops must be turned back in no later than one hour before the library closes. This allows time for routine maintenance and storage of the unit before the library closes.

Students are not permitted to download any software or applications to the computer or to alter the computer or existing software in any way. Files should be saved to an external drive. All files saved to the computer's drive will be eliminated upon return of the unit.

May I take a loaned laptop outside of the library?

No. Please keep the machine inside of the library on the Dandini Campus. On the Meadowood campus, laptops are restricted to the library and the meeting area with tables and chairs just outside of the library door.

What happens if a laptop is returned late?

Late laptops are subject to a fine of $20 per hour, for any fraction of the hour late. The purpose of this policy is to encourage students to return laptops on time and to make machines available to the greatest number of students. Persons who repeatedly return machines late may be blocked from checking out laptops in the future.

If a student refuses to return the equipment or cannot be contacted, the Library reserves the right to turn the account over to the police for assistance in recovery of the laptop.

What happens if the laptop is damaged while it is checked out to me?

All machines loaned out have been inspected for damage. If a machine has cosmetic damages only, the staff will point that out during the checkout process. By checking out a laptop, you agree to return it in the condition in which it was loaned to you. You are also responsible for the cost of any damages, up to the cost of replacement, incurred to the machine while it is checked out to you. The computer will be assessed upon its return and you are asked to wait until this assessment is complete. You and the circulation clerk will sign a form indicating that it was returned and in what condition before you leave the circulation desk.

What is the Library Laptop Loan Program?

The Laptop Loan Program (LLP) is a service of the TMCC libraries and is available at the Dandini and Meadowood sites. The LLP allows students to borrow a laptop computer for use inside the library.

Who is eligible to borrow a laptop computer?

Only currently-enrolled TMCC students/employees with a TMCC ID and a library account in good standing (no overdue or unpaid lost items) are eligible. No other forms of ID will be accepted.