Library Faculty and Staff

Photo Not Available Name: Karalea Clough
Title: Library Technician
Location: LIB 109
Telephone: 775-673-7190
Photo Not Available Name: Ana Lidia Ferreira
Title: Library Technician
Location: RC-B 118
Telephone: 775-850-4049
Photo Not Available Name: John Fitzsimmons
Title: Reference Librarian
Location: LIB 115
Telephone: 775-674-7609
Photo Not Available Name: Ginny Knobluach
Title: Assistant to the Director
Location: LIB 100
Telephone: 775-673-8260
Photo Not Available Name: Maureen Leshendok
Title: Reference Librarian
Location: LIB 103
Telephone: 775-673-7011
Sherry McGee Photo Name: Sherry McGee
Title: Reference Librarian
Location: SIER 107 A
Telephone: 775-673-8261
Photo Not Available Name: Izumi Shibasaki
Title: Library Technician
Location: LIB 107 B
Telephone: 775-673-8232
Photo Not Available Name: Tina Sidles
Title: Library Technician
Location: LIB 110
Telephone: 775-674-7603
Neil Siegel Photo Name: Neil Siegel
Title: Interim Library Director / Reference Librarian
Location: LIB 114
Telephone: 775-674-7608
Photo Not Available Name: Romelia Torres
Title: Library Assistant
Location: LIB 111 B
Telephone: 775-824-3816
Photo Not Available Name: Jane Zhang
Title: Library Technician, Circulation
Location: LIB 111 A
Telephone: 775-673-7039
Photo Not Available Name: Cameron Carr
Title: Library Assistant/Archives Technician
Location: Lib 107 A
Telephone: 775-674-7604

College News

National Accreditation for EMS

The Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Program has been awarded accreditation by the CAAHEP.

Six-Week 3-D Printing Certificate

The general public can explore 3-D technology in this accelerated WDCE class.

Calendar of Events

SGA Introduction Pep Rally

Tuesday, September 2
Student Center, Dandini Campus

SGA Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, September 2
Outside Plaza, Dandini Campus