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College News

Janice Peters: Nurse of the Year

TMCC Alumna is honored with a top award at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Bowen Named Dean of Sciences

New Dean strives to make a difference in streamlining students’ pathway to graduation.

Calendar of Events

CPR with AED and First Aid

Saturday, July 26
RDMT 404, Dandini Campus


Saturday, July 26
RDMT 115, Dandini Campus

Safe Zone Training

Because everyone's experience with diversity is different, Safe Zone training is provided to help individuals and departments become aware of and assist the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) population in having equal rights and respect within our campus community.

The training also assists individuals in helping LGBTQ people by creating a safe environment in offices, classrooms and across campus. The training is not intended to be the complete collection of every situation or experience that a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person may face but helps promote awareness for those with little experience, and encourages open thinking.

It is hoped that those attending the training leave with the following learning objectives met:

  • Ability and willingness to confront social injustices of any kind and provide an environment for optimal learning.
  • Having information and skills to be valuable resources in making people feel valued and safe.
  • Understanding of how the way we interact with the LGBTQ community affects recruitment and retention and persistence of students and faculty.
  • Willingness to take this information and share it with others.

Receive Safe Zone training as an Individual or Department

To receive Safe Zone training for you, an area/department, student club or another TMCC organization, please contact Melanie Purdy to coordinate a training date. TMCC's Friends and Allies of LGTBQ also collaborates with the Professional Development staff in establishing periodic training dates each semester.