Job Prep

Information for Off-Campus Employers

This free job posting service is available to local employers, business, industry, government and non-profit organizations for assistance in seeking qualified employees or interns.

Should you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your interest; we look forward to working with you!

Online Job Postings

To post a job to the Off-Campus Job Board, please complete our Job Posting form. This is the only way to post a position online. Our Job Board is accessible by students and community members 24 hours a day.

Campus Job Board

Additionally, a physical job board is available in the Job Preparation Center. Employers can mail, fax or deliver fliers to us for posting to the board. All fliers must include: contact name, phone number and address. Website and email address are optional, though strongly encouraged. All positions are posted for 30 days unless other arrangements are made.

College News

Professor Curates Yosemite Anniversary Exhibit

California Historical Society is hosting sesquicentennial display with Jen A. Huntley as a guest speaker.

85% of Child Care Center Employees Achieve Degrees

Students working at TMCC’s Child Care Center complete AA and AAS programs and are esteemed by area preschools.