Job Prep

Job Search Strategies

A successful job search requires organization and effort. The traditional method of seeking employment is reading job ads, sending out résumés, and applying in person. However, planning and organization are critical to job search success.

To increase the chances of finding employment requires a variety of methods that can save a great deal of time and effort. In the end, the valuable resources of good self-management and organizational skills yield many benefits such as:

  • a shorter period of time for new employment;
  • an increase in the numbers of interviews or job offers;
  • a reduction in the fear of unemployment; and
  • an increased potential for job satisfaction.

When searching for employment, keep in mind that employers want to know previous employment and job titles, but more importantly skills needed for employment in their organization. With that in mind, it is important to know yourself, so that you can match yourself to the right position.

The Job Preparation Center offers a variety of resources, reference materials, and workshops that can help you with your search. Contact us, or come by our office in RDMT 114 for more information.

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