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New Service/Change in Service

To receive new service or a change in existing service, an IT Customer Service request is needed. See our FAQs for more details and procedures on telephone services.

If you are expecting a large move or change please notify us in advance as soon as possible, minimum of 10 days.


See our Billing and Fees information for long distance and telephony services.

Available Phone Features Back to Top

The following features are commonly available on phones offered by TMCC Telephone Services. Some may require upgrading your phone or having it programmed by our technicians.

Abbreviated Dialing: This feature allows a personal directory of 10 frequently called internal or external numbers. Assign each number a 1–digit reference code (from 0–9).

Store or Change an Abbreviated Dial Number

  • Lift handset
  • Press #4* OR Abbrev. Dial Button if programmed and *
  • Key in 1–digit reference number (0–9) — confirmation tone returned
  • Key in number you wish to store — confirmation tone returned
  • Hang up handset

Place an Abbreviated Dial Call

  • Lift handset
  • Press #4 OR Abbrev. Dial Button
  • Key in 1–digit reference number (0–9). Call is placed.

Call Forwarding: Allows you to send your calls to another extension.

To Activate Call Forward

  • Lift handset and press *3 — confirmation tone is heard
  • Enter the 5 digit extension number to which you wish to have your calls forwarded.
  • Confirmation tone is heard and phone will display the words "Call Forward"

To Deactivate Call Forward

  • Lift handset and press #3 — confirmation tone is heard

Call Pickup: Allows a ringing phone to be answered on a different phone.

Within Your Pickup Group

  • Lift handset
  • Press #7

Not Within Your Pickup Group

  • Lift handset
  • Press #7
  • Dial extension to pickup

Do Not Disturb Allows you to temporarily block all incoming calls (only available if specifically programmed on phone set).

To Activate

  • Lift handset
  • Press *6 OR Do Not Disturb Button if programmed — Confirmation tone returned
  • Hang up handset

To Cancel

  • Lift handset — hear "Private"
  • Press #6 OR Do Not Disturb Button if programmed — Confirmation tone returned
  • Hang up handset

Hold: Allows you to place a call on hold.

To Place a Call on Hold

  • Press hold
  • To retrieve a call on hold:
    • Press Line Button
    • Press Hold

Last Number Redial: The telephone system automatically remembers the last external number dialed and allows that call to be redialed.

To Redial Last External Call

  • Lift handset
  • Press #9 — last external dialed number redialed

Transfer/3-Way Conference: Transfer a call to another extension, announced or unannounced. A 3–way conference call can be used to introduce a transfer to both parties or to set up a conference call between three internal parties.

Transfer — Unannounced

  • Press Transfer/Xfer button
  • Dial extension number
  • Hang up handset – call is transferred

Transfer — Announced or 3–way conference

  • Press Xfer. Dial extension number — announce call
  • Press Xfer for a 3–way conference or hang up and call is transferred

Note 1: If second number is busy or unanswered, then press Transfer. You will then be reconnected with the original party.

Note 2: Answering machines will NOT work with your ITE PHONES. However, voice mail is available without charge. Requests should be directed to the TMCC Help Desk.

Dialing Instructions Back to Top

Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance): Dial 9-1-1

Campus Police — Non-emergencies: Dial 5-7900 Telephone

On Campus to On Campus Calls: Dial 5-digit number (5-xxxx)

Local Off Campus Calls: Dial 9 + 7-digit number

Off Campus to On Campus Calls: Dial 7-digit number:

  • Dandini = 373 or 673 or 674-XXXX
  • Edison Way = 856 or 857-XXXX
  • Meadowood = 824 or 829-XXXX
  • Redfield = 850 or 850-XXXX

Long Distance Calls: On-Campus: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number + authorization code (if required). Your campus authorization code will only work from a campus phone, you can not use it from off campus. Remember: You must still dial area code 775 or 702 when dialing within Nevada. Confused on which area code to use? Click here for the white pages link.

International Calls: 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number wait for tone (may take a while be patient) enter authorization code.

Directory Assistance:

  • Campus: Dial 0
  • Local: Dial 0 (No charge if our operator can find the number, if not proceed to next line). Dial 9 + 1 + 411 (local directory assistance calls typically have a charge of $2.00 )
  • Long Distance — In State: Dial 9 + 1 + 775 or 702 + 555-1212 + authorization code (LD directory assistance calls typically have a charge of $2.00)
  • Long Distance — Out of State: Dial 9 + 1 + (area code) + 555-1212 + authorization code. (LD directory assistance calls typically have a charge of $0.95 within U.S., $1.00 to Canada.)
  • AT&T Operator: Dial 9 + 0

Note: All campus numbers are blocked from making 1-900 calls.

Dealing with Harassing Phone Calls Back to Top

If you receive annoying or harassing phone calls hang up immediately and contact the TMCC college police. You will need to give them the following information:

  • Your phone number
  • Date of call
  • Time of call
  • Type of call (silent, heavy breathing, obscene, threat)
  • Comments made by person calling
  • Sound of voice
  • Recent problems that might be related to the call
  • Suspected persons name if you have an idea who it was

If you receive additional calls again, contact the TMCC college police and give them the information for that call. Continue to keep a log of the above information on each call and report it to campus police immediately. If necessary the police can request a trap to be placed on your phone. For the trap to be effective it is imperative for you to keep the log and call the police upon receiving each call. If you don't report them there is no way for the police to pinpoint which call(s) on the report were harassing.

Troubleshooting Phone Problems Back to Top

Phone Doesn't Ring

  • Check the ringer volume (located on the left side of digital phones)
  • Check the "Do not disturb feature"; press # 6 to clear.
  • Make sure "Call Forwarding" isn't activated. Press # 3 to clear.

Phone Display Disappeared

  • Rotate the LCD Display knob located at the top right-hand side of your telephone, just below the LCD Display.

No Dial Tone

  • Check to see if buttons beep as they are pressed, if so report this problem to the Help Desk.
  • Verify phone cord is plugged in on both ends.

Can't Dial Off Campus

  • Dial 9 Before Dialing the Telephone Number.

Can't Dial Long Distance — Keep Getting Fast Busy

  • If you are staff or faculty, it is possible your department requested cancellation of your authorization code. Contact Auxiliary Services to verify your code.

Voice Mail Back to Top

Voice Mail is available to all TMCC employees on campus. To have voice mail activated, please contact the Help Desk. Further information is also available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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