Information Technology

Academic Lab Software Requests

TMCC commits to ensuring that students receive the training and education they require in their academic endeavors. Prior to each academic period, appropriate applications and/or software or instructional media are set up on TMCC's academic computers for instructional use. Faculty and staff may request legally-licensed applications and/or software or instructional media by following the steps below.

Step 1: Determine application/software/media needed for instructional use. Secure proper and legal license(s) for said applications/software/instructional media.

For a list of currently valid TMCC-licensed applications, see the current listing of software installed on academic images.

Step 2: Complete and submit an Academic Lab Software Request. This form applies to all requests, including software for which TMCC holds a valid license.

Step 3: Test the application/software/instructional media. TMCC faculty and staff will be notified when the requested application/software/media is ready for testing. It is the responsibility of TMCC faculty and staff to test the application/software/media's functionality prior to the beginning of the semester. Report any application/software/media malfunctions to IT Customer Service.

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