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Nursing Program Expanding in 2015

Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program will offer new degree and move into enlarged, remodeled facility.

Legacy Event Honors Students and Donors

TMCC Foundation hosts a festive dinner, creating connections for scholars and their benefactors.

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TMCC Band Concert

Tuesday, October 21
North Valleys High School, 1470 East Golden Valley Rd.

Free Student Workshop: Preventing Identity Theft

Tuesday, October 21
SIER 209, Dandini Campus

Does application services offer training/documentation for the software you produce?

Another benefit to in-house software development is the level of support that application services is able to provide after the software has been implemented. Application services offers training and various forms of documentation, depending on what the user and user consultant determine is necessary.

How do employees request a network account/access to the network or Internet?

To request a network account for any TMCC employee, the supervisor of the employee fills out the Network Access account application.

How do faculty and staff remotely connect (VPN) into TMCC?

Please read the TMCC VPN instructions.

How do I access my files from a remote location/the Internet?

Visit the Network/Remote Login Web page for detailed information on accessing files from a remote location/the Internet.

How do I access the Financial Data Warehouse remotely/away from TMCC?

Now that SCS has transitioned Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) to new, more secure servers, access from remote locations (on the road, at home) takes extra steps. SCS emailed: "These new servers are locked down more than previous servers. You have to be inside the NevadaNet network. If you have a VPN account at TMCC, establish that connection first, and then you should be able to get to the new server."

TMCC's Information Technology department has developed remote access for TMCC users using Citrix. This method has been tested on both Windows and Macintosh computers, including laptops, at TMCC and at home, and it works. First time access takes more time since your profile/Citrix must be established on your remote computer/browser connection; after that, entry is just a little slower than entry at work.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the TMCC Faculty and Staff web page
  2. Select "Applications" (top right icon)
  3. Select "Citrix Applications" (note: your Citrix user name and password are the same as the standard one you use for TMCC).
  4. For initial set up, accept and follow the steps that are requested.
  5. Once you have gone through the initial setup, then in the future, you will go to "Applications" - "Citrix Applications" - "Accept" - enter user name/password (same you use to enter TMCC system). You will then see the main screen in Citrix that includes "Financial Data Warehouse" as one of the icons to choose.
  6. Once you have selected the "Financial Data Warehouse" icon, be patient -- especially the first time. Even after initial setup, it will take several seconds for FDW to start.
  7. Select “permit full use” when asked. The SCS Financial Data Warehouse web page should now be displayed.
  8. Don't forget: at this point, use your FDW user name and password to log in, not your TMCC system user name and password.

How do I access the mainframe?

To gain access to the mainframe, you will first need to request access through the Network Application for Security Access (NASA).

Once you have been granted access:

  • Click on the QWS3270 Secure icon located in your programs, in the folder called QWS3270 Secure folder.
  • On the initial setup: if the host name is not already configured, enter "".
  • Accept the defaults until you come to the name for the session. This field is blank; enter whatever you'd like to name your session.
  • Continue to accept the defaults until installed, and click "Connect".
  • You will then be prompted to log in to the mainframe.

How do I access/save my files on the TMCC network?

Visit the Network/Remote Login Web page for detailed information on accessing/saving files on the network.

How do I check my TMCC email from home?

Click on the Faculty and Staff button (located at the bottom left-hand corner of the TMCC home page). Then, click on the "Check E-mail" button at the top of the next page. Enter your email user name and password and you will have access to your TMCC accounts.

How do I download Symantec Anti-Virus software for home use?

Download the How to Download Software for Home Use instructions.

How do I increase the font size for Windows icons?

By default, the font for the text in all of your Windows icons is 8-point MS Sans Serif. If you find this font to be a little too small or hard to read on your computer, increasing it is simple. Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties. Click the Appearance tab and choose Icon from the Item drop-down menu. Under Font at the bottom of the box, try bumping the size up from 8 to 10. Click Apply to preview it, and see if the change helps.

How do I log in to the Network?

How do I remove temporary and older files in Windows?

Your Windows operating system is a packrat. As you work, it collects a prodigious number of temporary files, and it does so for good reason: The \WINDOWS\TEMP, \WINDOWS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and Recycle Bin files all exist to give you fast access to items you might need again. But there's a point of diminishing returns. And you can end up with hundreds of megabytes of these files, wasting space and decreasing performance as the operating system tries to wade through the rubbish. To keep the trash to a manageable minimum, periodically run Disk Cleanup from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.

I called IT Customer Service over a week ago and no one has replied yet.

Each job is assigned a priority as it is called in. This priority is based on several factors, including the severity of the problem, number of people affected, and current work load. Given the amount of jobs we have and the amount of staff available to respond, the goal is a 7 working day turnaround for the 3E type calls.

2.0 FTE currently supports 500+ workstations covering all five TMCC college locations. The average work request takes approximately 1 hour for a technician to complete, which means that 60 work requests can normally be handled per week. However, each week we typically have anywhere from 75 to 125 jobs pending (with the assumption that the job can be done in one hour). For example, there have been occasions when the staff has already dedicated 20 hours of research into a problem and it still isn't resolved. Please be patient as we work to solve all the pending jobs.

What are some useful tips for use with my computer?

Read through the Tips FAQs for information on how to help you operate your system with peak performance:

What are the rules for using email?

  • Include a clear and specific subject line.
  • Edit any quoted text down to the minimum amount needed to make the message clear.
  • Read your own message a few times before sending it to preclude inaccuracies or embarrassing replies.
  • Think about how the recipient of the message might react to your message.
  • Check your spelling and grammar use.
  • Do not curse, flame, spam or USE ALL CAPS in your message. All are considered bad email etiquette.
  • Do not forward any chain letters
  • Do not use email for any illegal or unethical purpose.
  • Realize that email is a public, not private medium. All e-mail generated on and received by TMCC computer systems can be subject to review by TMCC.

What do I do if I can't login to Windows or Citrix?

  • Check for any typos in your login name or password.
  • Make sure that Caps Lock is not on (passwords are case sensitive)
  • Check to see if you can use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

What is the best way to contact the Faculty/Staff IT Customer Service?

There are multiple ways to contact IT Customer Service:

  • Phone: 775-673-7800 for faculty and staff.
    • Press 1 to speak to an IT Customer Service representative during operating hours
    • Press 2 to leave voicemail immediately
    • Press 3 for Emergency Hotline
  • Walk-in: Red Mountain 205.
  • Email:
  • Web: Go to IT Customer Service and then click on the "Contact Us" link you prefer to use (email or web contact) for faculty and staff support from IT Customer Service.
    • Alternatively, customers can go to Faculty and Staff and click on the "Service Request" icon.
    • Next click on the "IT Customer Service" icon.
    • When the Service Request system page loads, click on "New Request".

What is the Faculty/Staff IT Customer Service?

IT Customer Service provides computer workstation technical support for administrative staff at Truckee Meadows Community College. In addition, we take work order requests for Academic Computing, network, and telephone problems as well as for Media Services (multimedia and Elmo, LCD or slide projector technical problems, and Information Technology software application or database problems). Once IT Customer Service receives the call, a work request is created and dispatched to the appropriate personnel.

What should I do if my computer isn't working?

Call or send an email to IT Customer Service. Try to have as much information about the problem as possible before calling, such as:

  • How long has the problem been occurring?
  • Did you make any changes just prior to the problem?
  • Did you install any software just prior to the problem?
  • Write down any error messages exactly as they appear

In many cases, we can help you fix the problem over the phone if we have enough information.

When can I use the computer labs?

Visit the computer labs hours Web page.

Why does it take so long to get new software installed?

All administrative computers are delivered with a package of supported software that includes everything needed to use the computer workstation effectively. Therefore, requests for additional software receive a lower priority when entered in the WorkFlow job queue. In addition, since TMCC does not have a blanket software license for all software, we will not install any software unless the customer has a valid license for it. Also, there are compatibility issues-we will not install software that is incompatible with the standard administrative software image for TMCC.