Institutional Advancement

Grants Responsibilities and Processes


The Institutional Advancement Grants team helps faculty and staff find funding opportunities, submit proposals, win grants awards, and implement grant funded projects. If you need immediate assistance and cannot reach the appropriate member of the grants team, please feel free to contact another IA/Grants staff member at 775-673-8262.

Contact us if you have general questions about grants or the grants process.

IA: Roles and Responsibilities Back to Top

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and TMCC Foundation

  • Supports the Principal Investigators throughout the grant process with all available College resources.
  • Ensures accountability and transparency through timely and accurate grant reporting.
  • Approves grant financial purchases during grant implementation phase.

Grants Writer

  • Point of contact for grants from pre-approval through grant award phase.
  • For new grant ideas or approvals to proceed, please complete the Grant Assistance form.
  • Seeks new funding sources and assists with grant writing, research, layout, and submission.
  • Assists with writing for other parts of grants process as needed.

Grants Specialist

  • Provides support and coordination for grant implementation processes.
  • Point of contact and support for successful grant management.
  • Reviews grant expenditures prior to processing of payment.
  • Communicates and assists in monitoring of financial and technical status.
  • Provides monthly status reports to Institutional Advancement (IA) and other College leadership.

Executive Assistant for Grants

  • Provides administrative support for grants personnel, including Principal Investigators and Project Directors that do not have access to other grant or College funded administrative support.

Grants and Projects Analyst (Budget and Planning)

  • Grant account set-up and management.
  • Financial drawdowns and reimbursement.

Principal Investigators (PIs)/Project Directors Roles and Responsibilities Back to Top

  • Responsible for grant administration, reporting, and fiscal accountability.
  • PI will to have access to Financial Data Warehouse to monitor finances. If you need assistance obtaining access, contact a member of the grants team. First time users will need to obtain log-in authorization.
  • Assist with producing the grant application, including technical writing.
  • Be available during the negotiation period to answer any questions required by granting agency.
  • First signature authority for all expenditures.
  • Responsible for meeting the expectations of the grant, and producing the required deliverables.

Processes and Procedures Back to Top

(IA Point of Contact: Grants Writer)

  • Contact us with grant ideas or assistance requests.
  • Coordination between PI/PD, Grants Writer, and appropriate infrastructure departments to research, produce, and submit grant applications
  • All grants must be approved by IA and college leadership before being pursued or submitted. Approval is needed to pursue a grant, and Presidential approval must be obtained at least 48 hours before submission of the grant.

Award Notification/Kick-off Meeting Back to Top
(IA Point of Contact: Grants Specialist)

  • No grant funds can be expended before grant award or notice to proceed is obtained, and PI has participated in a kick-off meeting.
  • Upon receipt of grant award, IA grant team will schedule a kick-off meeting with relevant participants, including at a minimum the PI, IA grant team, and representatives from any necessary TMCC infrastructure departments (Budget and Planning, HR, Facilities, PIO, IT, etc.).
  • At the kick-off meeting, the grant budget and deliverables will be reviewed and implementers identified.

Grant Implementation and Management and Purchasing/Expenditure Information Back to Top
(IA Point of Contact: Grants Specialist)

  • All grant expenditures must be approved by grant PI and IA before submission to Accounting Services/Cashier’s Office. All DPOs or requisitions must be signed by the PI and then submitted to IA office. Once both signatures are obtained, IA will forward back to PI or forward on to Accounting Services/Cashier’s Office to complete the process.
  • For faster turnaround (e.g., non-Dandini facilities): email DPO/Requisition (with PI signature) to the Grants Writer, who will review, obtain approval signature from the IA Executive Director and return via email so order can be processed. Then forward (via regular mail) the hard copy of the original DPO/Req, along with attached fully-signed electronic copy to Accounts Payable, who will then process for payment.
  • Budget line items cannot be changed or moved within or across budget categories without approval from IA. For approval to adjust grant budgets after award, please submit request in writing.

Personnel Specific Expenditure Information Back to Top

  • Contracts cannot be drawn up for personnel to be paid until:
    • award letter is received
    • personnel have been specified, and;
    • accounts are set up in Financial Data Warehouse.
  • Payroll: Once faculty/staff contracts and budgets are in the system and executed, payroll remains an automatic function and there is no process for oversight (at this time). PIs/Project Directors need to monitor their accounts closely to ensure they do not become overdrawn.

Goods and Services Specific Expenditure Information (excluding Capital Construction) Back to Top

  • Department Purchase Order (DPO): Purchases from a single vendor $1999.99 or less
  • Requisition: Purchases from a single vendor $2000 or more
  • Requires one quote: Single purchase $2000-$24,999.99
  • Requires two quotes: Single purchase $25,000-$49,999.99
  • Requires formal bid: Single purchase $50,000+

P-Cards Back to Top

  • Must be closely monitored by PIs. P-Card purchases post twice per month and are viewable in Financial Data Warehouse, on or about the first and sixteenth of the month.
  • Please email the electronic copy of P-Card statements with grant expenses to the IA/Grant Office.

Reporting Information Back to Top

  • Reports must be submitted to IA for review before submission to the granting agency. Please allow two business days before report deadline for IA team to review.
  • Copies of submitted reports (if different from draft submitted to IA), and confirmation that report was accepted by the granting agency, must be submitted to IA for retention in grant files.