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Grant Assistance Form and Submission Procedures


Please log in below to fill out the Grant Assistance Form so that our staff can assist you as you prepare your grant submission.

Whether you are just beginning to explore a grant opportunity or have a complete proposal in mind, it is important that all faculty and staff considering grant proposals complete this form, as it begins the required approval process and allows our staff to look for any red flags that might impede your submission.

All grant applications, regardless of amount, must be approved by your Dean and Vice President prior to being reviewed by the President's Cabinet before submission.

We ask that you submit this form at least 30 days before the grant deadline to provide ample time for approval.

Steps to submit a grant:

  1. Find a funding opportunity or develop an idea.
  2. Fill out the grant assistance form. This short form will only take you a few minutes to complete.
  3. Our staff will be in contact with you within three business days of submission, and will help you navigate the next steps, including getting approval from your Dean and Vice President.
  4. Write and submit the grant proposal, including budget verification. Our staff is available to help with this process if requested.
  5. Wait for award notification, and inform our staff of any changes or modifications requested by the granting agency.

Our staff are here to help guide you through the approval, submission, and, hopefully, award process. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact us. Our staff will be in contact with you within three working days of your submission.

To get started, please enter your last name and 9-digit TMCC employee ID number to verify eligibility to complete the form.

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