Humanities Department

Humanities Faculty and Staff

Photo Not Available Name: Thomas Cardoza
Title: Professor
Location: RDMT 334
Telephone: 775-673-7160
Dianne Cheseldine photo Name: Dianne Cheseldine
Title: Professor
Location: SIER 200 J
Telephone: 775-673-7217
Photo Not Available Name: Nancy Faires
Title: Professor
Location: RDMT 334
Telephone: 775-673-8257
Photo Not Available Name: Carlo Ferguson-McIntyre
Title: Professor
Location: SIER 200 T
Telephone: 775-674-7930
Photo Not Available Name: W. Tell Gifford
Title: Professor
Location: RDMT 334 I
Telephone: 775-673-7264
Photo Not Available Name: Wade Hampton
Title: Professor
Location: SIER 202 N
Telephone: 775-673-7245
Photo Not Available Name: Jen Huntley
Title: Instructor
Location: RDMT 334
Telephone: 775-674-7945
Photo Not Available Name: Gabriela Brochu
Title: Instructor/Humanities Department Coordinator
Location: RDMT 334 D
Telephone: 775-673-7898

College News

Janice Peters: Nurse of the Year

TMCC Alumna is honored with a top award at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Bowen Named Dean of Sciences

New Dean strives to make a difference in streamlining students’ pathway to graduation.

Calendar of Events

CPR with AED and First Aid

Saturday, July 26
RDMT 404, Dandini Campus


Saturday, July 26
RDMT 115, Dandini Campus