Humanities Department

Humanities Department

The TMCC Humanities department offers a wide variety of courses in Foreign Languages, Core Humanities (previously Western Traditions), Philosophy, Speech and Humanities.

Associate of Arts Degree programs are currently offered in Philosophy and Spanish.

Humanities includes the study of languages and literature, philosophy and film, music and morality. It helps us in our search for answers to life's fundamental questions, including everything human.


Core Humanities

The Core Humanities program at TMCC consists of three core curriculum courses that fulfill the General Education requirements for students who wish to transfer to, or who are currently enrolled at, the University of Nevada, Reno.

Each course examines a broad range of information, including: literature, science, art, music, theology, philosophy and history, as it pertains to Western civilization. Readings include primary documents written by authors of the appropriate time period as well as secondary readings from a sourcebook which chronicles events and profiles worldviews of that time period.

Ancient Medieval Culture (CH 201)

This course examines society and history from the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as Medieval to early Renaissance Europe. Students must successfully complete this course before taking the other two courses (which can be taken in any order or simultaneously) and they need to have completed second-semester English composition or its equivalent.

The Modern World (CH 202)

This course picks up where CH 201 leaves off and ends with present-day Europe. American Experience and Constitutional Change shifts the geographical emphasis from Europe to North America. The time period will extend from colonial or pre-colonial times to modern day.

American Experience and Constitutional Change (CH 203)

This course focuses some attention on Nevada, and fulfills the Nevada System of Higher Education requirements for the U.S. and the state of Nevada constitution.

Core Humanities courses at TMCC are designed and taught by a single instructor and the instructional staff is well-qualified to teach within the disciplines represented in Core Humanities. Although instructors attempt to confine the readings for the course to two or three large texts, the number of pages students are required to read and the pages they are required to write in assignments are the same or higher as the requirements at UNR.

At TMCC we are dedicated to making your Core Humanities experience an enjoyable and valuable adventure.

Foreign Languages

The humanities department offers beginning and intermediate-level classes in many languages such as American Sign Language, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

American Sign Language, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish are available in a four-semester sequence, therefore allowing transfer students to fulfill their foreign language requirement here at TMCC.

While TMCC does not offer advanced studies in foreign languages, the introductory and intermediate classes are a great way to learn about the principles of the individual languages, about the structure of language in general, and about the cultures that use the language we study.

Exposure to a language other than English allows us to see English from a new perspective and truly opens our eyes to the invigorating variety of cultures, customs, and values around us and in the world at large.

Philosophy Courses

Philosophy uniquely provides several avenues for better understanding of and interacting with our world. Philosophical thinking gives us tools for pondering the big questions about the nature of reality, time being, causation and human consciousness. It allows to distinguish between facts supported by rigorous evidence and assumptions supported by hearsay or opinion.

Philosophy gives us techniques for comprehending the most important questions underpinning science, religion, art and the conduct of our lives. By studying philosophy, our thinking becomes more reasonable and articulate allowing us to make more responsible career choices and to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful.

An Associate's degree with an emphasis in Philosophy is now being offered. The college offers a number of philosophy courses to serve the diverse needs of the community and the academic needs of students majoring in many fields. Several highly qualified and dedicated instructors offer surveys in Western philosophy, ethics, existentialism, critical thinking, logic, political philosophy, and the philosophy of science.

The curriculum also includes several courses on religion, such as an introduction to the old testament, a study of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and an introduction to world religions. In addition to these offerings, instructors frequently design special topics such as the philosophy of food and dining, the philosophy of art, the study of knowledge, and the philosophy of India. Watch the Philosophy listings in TMCC's Class Schedules for classes that can help you in your major, serve your career or offer guidance in life.

Speech Communication

Each day we apply principles of communication as we inform and persuade others, and are, too, informed and persuaded by others.

Communication is a dynamic area: it is growing and changing. While many of us take communication for granted, being able to communicate successfully requires skill. Good communication skills make us more successful in personal and career relationships.

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