High School Equivalency

HSE Testing

Nevada is one of several states adopting alternative assessments. Beginning in January 2014, the Nevada will accept not only the GED® exam but also two new alternative tests, the HISET™ (designed by Educational Testing Services) and the TASC (from CTB/McGraw-Hill).

All three assessments will cover the same content areas and allow test-takers to demonstrate proficiency at the academic skills expected by employers and postsecondary institutions. Passing any of the three tests will lead to the same Certificate of High School Equivalency issued by the State of Nevada.

Truckee Meadows Community College will offer both the GED® and the HISET™ exams.

Registration Information

Online registration is necessary for both the GED® and the HiSET™ exams, although both exams require the same residency and age restrictions.

All candidates must be a resident of Nevada to register for any version of the HSE test at TMCC. Nevada's residency policy for GED testing allows for testing certain non-residents who live near the border of Nevada in adjacent states when a testing site is not easily accessible to the non-resident. Candidates may provide the following as proof of residency: a valid Nevada issued photo id, or any other valid government issued photo id along with a current utility bill.

Prospective Nevada High School Equivalency (HSE) test-takers at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years old must provide written permission signed by their parent or legal guardian, and the official written permission of withdrawal required by the local school board of trustees of a district (or their designee within the district). Individual districts may have different required forms. WCSD requires students to complete the HSE Approval document. WCSD students should contact their home-zoned high school to obtain this document.

Required Identification

All testing candidates must provide a valid, government-issued photo ID.

General Educational Development Tests (GED)

Students interested in learning more about the benefits, costs, tutorials, practice or view frequently asked questions about this new test, please visit the GED Testing Service website

High School Equivalency Tests (HiSET)

Students interested in learning more about the benefits, costs, tutorials, practice or view frequently asked questions about this new test, please visit the HiSET Educational Testing Service website.

Reschedule/Cancellation Fee

Individuals taking their GED must call the testing company at 1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433) to reschedule or cancel their exams. 

Those enrolled in the HiSET who want to reschedule or cancel their tests need to contact the TMCC Testing Center at least three business days in advance of their scheduled test dates. Students who fail to do so will forfeit their testing fees and must pay to retake their exams.

Official Test Scores

Diploma Sender will mail out transcripts for all HSE in the State of Nevada. The first transcript will be free of charge. Students will need to contact Diploma Sender to verify their mailing address before transcripts mailed. Students who seek additional transcripts and/or verifications may contact Diploma Sender, these requests may be obtained for a fee. Students will be charged $15 if requested online, or $21 if requested by phone at 855-313-5799.

Preparation Classes

For information regarding preparation classes for both GED and HiSET tests, see HSE Preparation Program.


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