High School Equivalency

HSE Preparation Program

Your HSE credential is the gateway to a better future, better job, better education, better life and a great sense of accomplishment! TMCC is proud to offer HSE preparation classes at TMCC's Meadowood Center. Our classes are student-centered, fast paced and lively with lots of class participation and discussion. The cost of the preparation program is only $30.

Become well prepared for the HSE exam. TMCC's Adult Basic Education offers semester-long, non-credit classes that are offered Monday through Thursday in the morning, afternoon or evening.

You'll study the sections covered in the HSE exams.

Follow these easy steps to study for and earn your HSE credential.

  1. Attend a free HSE orientation (this is mandatory)
  2. Have your skills analyzed (instructions provided at orientation)
  3. Enroll (instructions provided at orientation)
  4. When ready, take an HSE exam at TMCC (depending on your skill level, the program may take anywhere from 12 weeks to a couple of years to complete.)

Prior to enrollment, you'll attend an orientation, complete all assessments and register for classes. The math and English assessments aid in course placement and allow instructors to individualize instructions based on your specific learning needs.

Upon completion of the skills analysis assessment, you will be eligible to enroll in the HSE preparation class. 

An HSE will open doors to

  • A job
  • A better job
  • A promotion
  • Ability to pursue higher education
  • Greater self-esteem
  • New opportunities

TMCC's HSE prep class provides

  • pre-testing
  • an informal classroom setting
  • instruction in all subjects covered by the HSE exams
  • books and materials
  • practice HSE tests
  • HSE test appointments
  • post-HSE guidance

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