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Debit Card Program

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approved a policy change at their September 2013 board meeting mandating electronic payroll delivery (effective January, 2014). For employees who do not enroll in direct deposit, NSHE has contracted with Bank of America to provide a payroll VISA debit card program. After January 1, 2014 employees who have not enrolled in direct deposit will be issued a Bank of America VISA payroll debit card.

  • If you DO NOT wish to be paid with this method: please enroll in direct deposit.
  • If you DO wish to be paid with this method: verify your address is correct on your paycheck to ensure proper delivery of your new debit card. If the address is incorrect, contact HR to update your address. Then, review the Debit Card Program information on this page.

The following are the facts about this program that you will need to be aware of:

  • This program replaces paper paychecks with a bank-issued payroll VISA debit card that will provide employees with various options for accessing their payroll funds.
  • Employees can withdraw their full net payroll at VISA member banks (such as but not limited to Bank of America) in the same manner as cashing a check
  • This card is NOT a credit card, but it is an FDIC insured bank deposit account.
  • The program is designed to provide several 'fee-free' methods for accessing your full net payroll deposit in addition to other features.
  • Typical debit card features such as ATM withdrawals and retail purchases are available without fees from Bank of America.
  • Debit card features, fee schedule and instructions are available at:

Direct Deposit

You can sign up for direct deposit through Employee Self Service (ESS) or you can complete TMCC's Direct Deposit form.

How to Use the HR Direct Deposit Form

Complete the form and submit it to the TMCC Human Resources office.

How to Use Employee Self Service (ESS)

To access ESS, you will need your Employee ID number, email address and PIN (for new users). Your Employee ID number is located on each pay advice you receive. For a temporary PIN number, please contact Human Resources.


  1. Log on to ESS at:
  2. The ESS home page has three quick links: the second quick link is "Go Paperless > Direct Deposit".
  3. After selecting the link, under Disbursement Choices you are encouraged to select "Direct deposit/Web advice only-paperless".
  4. Select continue and then select the "Enter" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. You will see a message that says, "Your transaction was successful!"
  6. Note: ESS also offers the following options: Change W4 information, view and print your W2, and view and print your check stubs.

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