Human Resources

Academic Faculty Performance Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation Report Instructions

Mid-March: The dean's office emails the annual evaluation report form to individual faculty members with the name, title, department and fiscal year filled in. The faculty member completes his/her self-evaluation by filling out the Primary Job Responsibilities, Service to the College and the Community, and Faculty Professional Development sections stating the outcomes of the activities designated on the annual plan.

Specific examples of how he/she met each of the criteria for Satisfactory, Commendable, and Excellent must be included for each category.

By April 3: The faculty member emails the annual evaluation report form with the self-evaluation portion completed to his/her department chair or director.

Note: It is recommended, but not required, that meetings occur between the faculty member, the chair/director, and/or dean at some point within the following steps.

By April 6: The department chair or director confirms that the activities reported were met. The department chair or director adds his/her comments to the form and sends it electronically to the dean along with his/her recommendation for an annual rating. Prior to the end of spring semester: The dean adds his/her comments, finalizes the rating, prints, signs, then obtains signatures of the chair/director and faculty member.

By May 16: The dean sends the signed evaluation forms to the VPAA's office for signature and forwarding to Human Resources.

See Also: Evaluation forms are available on the HR documents and forms web page (e.g., Annual Academic Evaluation Report, Department Chair Performance Assessment, Counseling Faculty Annual Evaluation Criteria, Faculty Annual Evaluation Criteria).

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