Grants Office

Guidance for Preparing and Submitting Proposals

Opportunity Identification and Approvals

TMCC faculty, administrators, staff or the Grants Office staff can identify grant opportunities. The TMCC President must approve grant concepts before the grant writing begins. The President also approves the proposal before the Grants Office can it submit the proposal the sponsor. There are several factors considered in the approval process:

  • Connection to the TMCC strategic plan, ongoing initiatives, or the Major Gifts Campaign
  • Project objectives
  • Principal Investigator (PI) qualifications
  • Timeframe for project
  • Type of institutional resources that will need to be devoted to the project

Faculty and staff must contact the Grants Office to complete a one-page summary of the grant opportunity, budget and project description. The Grants Office and the PI will work together to secure all of the necessary approvals. After the President approves the proposal concept, the proposal writing can begin.

When TMCC is the applicant or sub-recipient, the Grants Office will write and/or review all proposals, including budgets, prior to submission to the President for approval.

The Grants Office submits all proposals of behalf of the College.

Developing the Proposal

Use of the Grants Consulting Firm

The Grants Office (GO) has contracted with Hanover Research to support and assist the College to complete the various stages of preparing a proposal. The GO staff will work with the PI to determine what type of support is needed and contact the consultants.

Writing the Proposal

The Grants Office will review the proposal guidelines and inform the PI of the specific requirements and help the PI write the grant with these guidelines in mind.

The next step will be to determine who will write the proposal sections. The PI, who has the expertise to write program-specific content, will write the technical scope of work, related narratives, etc. If needed Hanover Research may assist with the writing. The Grants Office will write or helping with writing the other sections.