Grants Office

Reporting Requirements

Financial, administrative, and project reporting are consistent requirements that sponsors place on the College for sponsored projects. This reporting obligation requires that the Principal Investigators (PIs), Project Directors (PDs) and the TMCC Grants Office work together to complete the reports on time, with the correct information and in the correct format.

Financial Reports

Financial reports usually involve three types of information:

  • Expenditures that have been incurred.
  • Amount of money paid by the sponsor.
  • Amount of money left to spend on the award.

The TMCC Budget and Planning Office maintains the official records of all project expenditures. This includes purchasing card receipts, travel claims, effort reports, timesheets, and/or purchase orders. The College uses the documents that have an authorized signature that directed the charge to the sponsored account as supporting documentation. The Budget Office will use these documents when a sponsor or auditor requests such documentation.

Administrative Reports

Administrative reports can include inventory, title to property, and patent and invention reporting. The Grants Office will work with the PI to complete these documents at the project closeout.

Project Reporting

PIs/PDs communicate the projects progress to the sponsor by completing project reporting. PIs are responsible for completing:

  • Progress reports
  • Technical reports
  • Other reports as required by the sponsor (e.g., NSF Project Outcomes)

PIs need to follow all sponsor guidelines for the submission format and frequency. The PI is also responsible for submission of all technical reports required under the terms of the award, as well as other agreed upon deliverables such as data, graphs or software.

Late Reports

If the reports are late, incomplete, or missing, the sponsor may refuse to:

  • Pay invoices
  • Process new proposals
  • Process new awards
  • Process award extensions
  • Approve budget revisions

Dissemination of Project Results

Dissemination of project results and products is extremely important part of sponsored funding. The federal government is finalizing data standards in order to facilitate the dissemination of project results.

Projects disseminate information such as evaluation results, handbooks and manuals, curriculum and materials developed, project design or model, surveys and instruments developed, and best practices and lessons learned.

PDs should also look for opportunities to disseminate results through conference presentations, websites, articles in professional journals, professional organizations and associations and community college organizations.