Grants Office

Guidance for Managing an Award

Both the Principal Investigator (PI) and TMCC Grants Office have important roles in the management of a sponsored award.

PI Responsibilities in Award Management

  • Complete the Scope of Work as agreed to by the sponsor in the award documents.
  • Manage the administrative duties associated with the award.
  • Work with the Grants Office to setup the budget or modify the budget.
  • Work with Human Resources to hire personnel.
  • Ensure expenses posted to the project account are allowable, necessary and reasonable, when in doubt get assistance from the Grants Office.
  • Monitor sub recipient performance and grant expenditures.
  • Notify the Grants Office if there is any type of problem with the award.
  • Submit all project reports on time and in the correct format.
  • Ensure that all cost share has been reported to the Grants Office.

The Grants Office will do everything possible to make the administration of your award as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible. The Grants Office has the delegated role of oversight of the administration of all grant projects.

The Grants Office:

  • Coordinates proposal preparation and submits proposals on behalf of the College.
  • Recommends grant policies and procedures to the President; administers the approved policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates the kick–off meeting for the start-up of new grant projects and ensures the PI and other personnel are aware of grant management policies, procedures and expectations.
  • Approves expenditures prior to send the documentation to the TMCC Budget and Planning Office. If there are questions about the allowability of an expenditure, the Grants Specialist will resolve that with the PI before documentation is forwarded to the Budget Office.
  • Obtains project status updates from PI/PDs for monthly Leadership Report; disseminates report.
  • Monitors award spending and activity via monthly financial reports. Resolves issues of allowable costs if necessary.
  • Recommends action steps for issues of grant performance identified in monitoring activity.
  • Coordinates requests to the sponsor for change in scope of scope, extensions, budget modification, etc.
  • Remains up-to-date on changes and trends in applicable governmental and philanthropic regulatory and compliance environments and College operating changes.

Approval of Grant Expenditures

The project director initiates and approves expenditures of grant funds, although he/she may delegate aspects of making expenditures to other project team members or departmental personnel. The project director’s supervisor (dean, director, or vice president) must also approve expenses involving personnel and travel. Once the PI/PD and the PI/PD’s supervisor have signed the documents, the PI sends the documents to the Grants Office for approval. The approval procedure ensures the appropriateness of the grant expenditures.

Monitoring Expenditures and Budgets

The Grants Analyst and other personnel in the Budget Office post expenditures to the grant financial accounts. After the Grants Analyst posts the charges in the financial system, the PI/PD can monitor the account spending by generating a Balance and Activity Report from Financial Data Warehouse. The project director should be reviewing spending once a month and making corrections when necessary by processing journal vouchers.

TMCC account budgets are setup according to the budget approved by the sponsor. The Grants Office notes any applicable budget restrictions on the Award Coversheet and sends the Coversheet to the Budget Office for account setup and/or when there is an award amendment. The financial system records expenses according to the budget line item for the transaction.

The Grants Specialist reviews expenses once a month to ensure that progress is being made on the award, that the budget categories are sufficient and that costs are allowable. The Grants Specialist works with the Project Director/Principal Investigator and Grants Analyst to resolve issues.