Grants and Fundraising

Managing Changes to the Award or Budget

Award Modification/Amendment

A modification or amendment is an award document issued by the sponsor that changes any aspect of an existing award. The College may initiate a request for a change in the award or the sponsor may initiate the action. Examples of a modification or amendment include:

  • change in scope of work and/or PI
  • incremental/continuation funding
  • carryover approvals
  • adding or deleting special terms and conditions
  • changes in funding levels
  • administrative changes initiated by the sponsor
  • no-cost time extensions

Depending upon the nature of the modification/amendment, the IA Grants Office will work with the appropriate campus personnel to make the necessary changes to TMCC’s financial and administrative records.

Internal Budget Revision

During the conduct of the project, the PI may determine that an internal budget revision is necessary to cover all of the project costs. Most sponsors allow the PI/PD the flexibility to determine how to use project funds to achieve the goals of the project. Sponsors generally permit budget changes needed to meet project requirements. However, PIs need to be aware of the circumstances that require prior approval of budget revisions by the sponsor. The Budget Office will review the sponsor’s restrictions prior to processing the budget revision request.

College News

National Accreditation for EMS

The Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Program has been awarded accreditation by the CAAHEP.

Six-Week 3-D Printing Certificate

The general public can explore 3-D technology in this accelerated WDCE class.

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