Get Started

Get Started at TMCC!


Thank you for your interest in Truckee Meadows Community College. This page includes the latest information about the upcoming semester to help guide you in your registration process.

It's Not Too Late for Spring

There are several late-start classes that you can still sign up for now. Visit our schedule page for information.

Getting Started as a New Student

The first step to get started at TMCC is to complete the application for admission and related registration steps. The steps you will need to take depend on your educational goals and are shown below:

  • New Student seeking a Degree/Certificate
    If you plan to pursue a degree/certificate and have never been to college or have never attended TMCC, apply online as a new degree-seeking student
  • Transfer Student to TMCC
    If you have never been to TMCC but have completed credits at another college or university, you may apply as a transfer student
  • Student Taking One or Two Classes
    If you are planning to take a limited number of classes in order to learn a particular skill or gain training, you may get started as a non degree-seeking student.
  • Previous TMCC Student
    If you are a previous TMCC student who stopped taking classes for at least two semesters and plan to come back, get started as a returning student.
  • International Students
    If you are an international student, please review the international student registration information.

Getting Assistance

If you need help applying or registering, please contact us at one of the following:

  • Call us at 775-673-7111
  • Use Live Support
  • Visit us at the Dandini Campus, Student Center, room 115
  • Email us