Faculty Grant Awards


First NameLast NameGrant DescriptionAward
Scott Allen Replacement vehicle lift for the Automotive Lab
Jamie Campbell Nose model
John Coles emWave biofeedback sensor device
Tunde Csepelyi Anatomical models for ABE health career class
Melissa Deadmond Digital calipers
Heather Graham-Williams Anatomical models of human digestive system
Kelsie Harder Updated ceramic kiln
Lori McDonald Anesthesia injection simulation equipment
Michelle Montoya Tutors to staff the drop-in writing lab
Michelle Noreen Centrifuge
Peter Theisen Digimelt instruments (melting point determination equipment)
Daniel Williams Neuroanatomy head model
Sharon Wurm AcademicWorks scholarship management system


First NameLast NameGrant DescriptionAward
Robert Hernandez Instructional texts and software for Veterans
Brian Wells Graphic Communication drawing benches for RDMT 218
David LeBaron PDA STAT Simulator Manikin
Patti Sanford Computer monitor mounting hardware and cables for ten dental units
Jamie Campbell Purchase a model of human skeletal muscles for student use in the TMCC library
Scott Allen Master tool set, impact wrench and four assorted socket sets not included in master set
Nevin Nyswonger Complete tool box with hand tools
William Scott Walker Additional licenses and additional software for ELM 129 AC Controls class
Peter Theisen Laura Briggs Two Model MS104S, Mettler Toledo New Classic MS Analytical Balances with Draft Shield
John Septien Fund Jeff Owen, metal sculpture artist to visit Reno to present to TMCC students


First NameLast NameGrant DescriptionAward
Philip Povey Silver reclamation machine and installation
Jay Jorgenson Premier Literacy Tools software
TW Landis Speaker system for V. James Eardley Student Center
Michele Noreen Veterinary warming system controller and blankets
Jamie Campbell Functional human eye model
Will Mehm Four human vertebrae sets and one disarticulated half skeleton
Laura Briggs Somso human spinal cord cross section model
John Adlish Somso human brain model in four parts
Michele Noreen Koken rat model
Kelly Oswald CNC Machining Center
Nevin Nyswonger Three ton rotating hoist and current boom installation
Wes Evans Batteries and inverter for renewable energy
Kathleen Kolbet 14 Microscale Organic Chemistry kits and four DigiMelt melting point apparatus
John Septien 50" x 16 gauge powered slip roller