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Computers and Software • Professional Skills
AdministrativeProfessionals Degree • Writers’Conference
Creativity inBusiness
Infuse your company with an
innovative mindset and reap the
rewards of a successful business. Gain a
new perspective of creativity and how
it impacts your business’ bottom line.
Explore the five different definitions of
creativity as employed in the workplace
and better understand the challenges
that both individuals and organizations
face when fostering a creative
1 - 4 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S300 $39
LaunchYour BusinessCareer
Discover the world of small business
and the cultural, social, economic,
technological and ethical forces that
drive it. Become familiar with the entire
context in which business operates and
the crucial roles played by marketing,
e-commerce and management. Identify
possible businesses and their products,
write a one-page business plan and
identify a target market for your
product or service.
W 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S300
PhotoshopElements Layers andEffects
Have fun building on the skills you
learned in Photoshop Elements basics.
Explore the very powerful layers and
effects palettes. Learn how to take
yourself out of a photo in the kitchen
and put yourself on a beach or climbing
a mountain. Be able to take a photo
and make it look like a pencil drawing
or oil painting. $5 materials fee
M 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
Digital Camera andYour Computer
Learn how to copy your pictures from
your camera to your computer, flash
drive or burn a CD. Use Windows
Explorer to create folders on your
computer to keep your photos
organized. Explore numerous online
printing services, as well as hosting sites
for your photo albums. Learn how to
enjoy your photos as a computer slide
show and add your photos to a Word
document or e-mail them to friends
and family. $5 materials fee
M,W 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
Professional Skills
How toMake It inVoiceovers
Break into the voiceover industry
and join talented artists like James
Earl Jones, Linda Hunt and Donald
Sutherland. Get an introduction to the
business from a Tony Award-nominated
composer and producer and learn how
you can turn voiceovers into a thriving
full- or part-time career.
9 - 11 a.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
She was an “engaging and
friendly instructor. She made us
feel very comfortable.”
– Voiceovers student
Writers’ Conference
For additional writing classes, see page 6.
TMCCWriters’ Conference
Achieve your writing goals, whether it’s
getting published or composing that
first chapter. This event specializes in
helping you strengthen your writing
and expanding your literary network
to increase your chances of getting
published. Discover how to create
a page-turner from crime author
Elissa Wald, cultivate your creativity
with writer and coach Eric Maisel,
gain expert tips from journalist/
memoirist Laura Fraser, plot your
book with help from young-adult
novelist Shaunta Grimes and learn to
become a successful freelance writer
from Reno News and Review Editor
D. Brian Burghart. In addition, learn
how to get your work represented and
see what literary agents want from
potential clients. Ask questions during
the agents panel discussion or meet
one-on-one for an optional private
meeting that costs $32 with one of our
speakers or agents Ted Weinstein, from
Ted Weinstein Literary Management,
and Pam van Hylckama Vlieg from
Foreward Literary. Bring your lunch
or purchase one from the conference
for $12 and dine with the speaker of
your choice. Increase your motivation
to move those creative projects forward
and pursue your writing dreams.
S 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
TMCCSierraBldg. 108
“This conference is a wonderful
resource, and a great way to network
with other writers. It helped recharge my
battery and get me back to my writing!”
~Barbara R.,
2013 conference attendee.
TMCC’s WDCE offers an academic
degree/certificate program for
administrative professionals. The
demand for skilled professionals
is high, even in these challenging
economic times.
Develop well-rounded office skills in:
• Computers,
• Customer relations,
• Management principles, andmore.
Go to wdce.tmcc.edu and click on
“Programs We Offer” for details.
“I’ve become a more valuable
employee with each class
in the TMCC Administrative
Professionals degree program.”
– Cindy S.
Become an indispensable
administrative professional
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