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Computers and Software
Access Essentials II
Showcase your efficiency when you
learn how to easily retrieve relevant data
and eliminate repetitious information.
Increase your mastery of Access through
designing relational databases and run
more efficient queries. Create more
powerful reports through specialized
forms that build on tables and queries,
along with forms that create calculations.
Take part in exercises that will build your
confidence and skills with Access.
1 - 5 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S322
SQL for Microsoft Access
Examine the use of structured query
language to understand how Access
will work. Understand how table joins,
unions and subqueries are used to
retrieve records from multiple tables.
Learn how to filter records and group
data, create calculated fields, create
views and effectively manage tables and
M,W 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
9 - 11 a.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S322
PowerPoint 2013 Essentials
Microsoft PowerPoint can be used
for anything from professional
presentations and training seminars
to weddings and birthday parties and
everything in between. In this hands-
on six-hour class, learn how to create
dynamic, high-impact presentations
using PowerPoint. Explore screen
components, learn how to type the
content of your slide show, and learn
how to add to that content with
PowerPoint’s many themes, graphics,
charts and even animation and sound.
PowerPoint makes sharing slides
between files easy, and the new publish
choices give you control over what
is hidden and what shows, as well as
who can make changes to your file. $5
materials fee
M 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
Get comfortable with the vast
possibilities of electronic tablet
technology. Learn what gesturing is and
how to type and add content to your
device, download and manage apps,
e-books and pictures, and configure
email accounts. Discover how to use
your iPad camera and how to access
social media. Bring your own iPad to
6 - 8 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S322
eBay I—TheBasics of Selling on eBay
Learn the tips, tricks and traps in order
to succeed in all your eBay dealings.
Sell more effectively by developing
procedures for setting up a seller
account and credit card payments and
for creating listings. Streamline packing
and shipping procedures, monitor
listings and upload great pictures.
Taught by an award-winning eBay
instructor. Sign up for both eBay selling
courses at the same time and save $15.
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S315
eBay II—AdvancedSellingStrategies
Learn the insider tips and strategies
that will draw the most bids, maximize
sales and beat your competition. Cover
how to find a profitable niche, what to
sell, what to avoid and how to use drop
shippers to minimize inventory costs.
Explore eBay research, marketing and
photography tips, eBay stores, and how
to easily import and sell products direct
from 1,500 manufacturers in China.
Sign up for both eBay selling courses at
the same time and save $15.
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S315
Create aWebsite for Fun, Profit and
Discover easy-to-use design tools that
can build your personal or business
website in 60 minutes. Get traffic
immediately using a pay-per-click ad on
Google, MSN, Yahoo and Facebook.
Learn how to get ranked by the three
major search engines (SEO), and the
tips and traps of website design. Find
out how to create money-generating
affiliate websites and how to easily
import and sell products direct from
China. No programming required.
6 - 8:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S315
Photography Software
Unleash the artist inside you through
the digital computer palette of
Photoshop Elements, a mid-range
photo editing software. Take the images
held captive inside your camera and
jazz them up to create eye-popping
photos. Learn how to use this software’s
wide array of features including both
Organizer and Editor. If you have
photos scattered all over your computer
in hundreds of folders, let Photoshop
Elements help you get organized. $5
materials fee
M,W 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S115
Student Success Story :
Lonnie Peck, owner,
LR Peck Photography
“I had self-taught myself Photoshop
Elements to clean up images before
I presented them to clients. It was a
long, slow process. After I took this
class, I learned the real power of the
program with advanced methods.
I also learned shortcuts that save
valuable time that I can now devote
to other areas of my business. The
Photoshop Elements class helped me
get the most quality out of my photos,
which gives me a competitive edge.”
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