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Herbal Studies
TheWest’sHealing Tree
Learn to identify the Balsam Poplar
tree in its native habitat and how to
ethically harvest the usable parts while
out in the field. In the lab, steep the
Balsam buds into an oil and then
transform it into a therapeutic salve.
$10 materials fee
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Broderick, Powers
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
Why take a herbal
studies course?
Seventy-five percent of health care
professionals admit their industry was poorly
informed about herbal medicines, according
to the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.
Herbs forWomen’sHealth
Take your health back into your own
hands and learn to prevent many
health issues by using simple herbs and
natural healing methods to achieve
and maintain balance. Explore the best
forms of herbal preparation and the
best ways to apply them internally and
externally. Gain confidence while you
develop ways to incorporate healthy
habits and dietary changes for better
overall health. $10 materials fee
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
Make aHerbal First-AidKit
Discover how to select fresh and dried
herbs to make teas, tonics, tinctures,
medicated oils and salves while creating
a practical and usable first-aid kit.
Gain hands-on experience grinding,
powdering, basic salve making, and
how to measure and pour herbal
extracts and essential oils. Become
familiar with the 15 common herbs
that can have a positive effect on health
and well-being. Know the advantages
and disadvantages of a herbal first-aid
kit. $25 materials fee
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Broderick, Powers
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
Herbal Studies
Take one class for fun or earn your certificate
to complement your existing health care career,
work in a natural foods store or to build a
foundation towards becoming a herbalist. See
wdce.tmcc.edu and click onProgramsWeOffer
for certificate requirements.
Medicinal Plants—ASystemsApproach
Establish a strong foundation in herbal
studies by discovering more than 40
important medicinal plants and how
their uses promote overall well-being.
Learn how plants interact with the
body’s physiological systems, such as
cardiovascular and digestive systems.
Learn their appropriate uses, while
touching and smelling both fresh and
dried plant materials. $15 materials fee
6 - 9 p.m.
Broderick, Powers
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
View this video to learn about Herbal
Studies or go to the Online course
description for a direct link.
Delve into an ancient herbal art
through in-depth teachings of Chinese
medical theory and practical uses of
herbs native to China. Experience
smelling, tasting and preparing these
medicinal herbs as part of a daily diet.
$15 materials fee
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S210
“This was my first experience
lear ning about Chinese herbs
and it helped bridge the gap
between American herbs.”
–Chinese Herbology student
Practical Herbology 2
Engage every sense as you learn
the basics of producing botanical
medicines. In this hands-on lab
prepare salves, decoctions, tinctures
and more. While this lab complements
the class Medicinal Plants—A
Systems Approach, you can take it
independently. $35 materials fee
6 - 9 p.m.
Broderick, Powers
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S103
Herbal Formulations
Make better informed herbal purchases
by learning how to analyze products
and become a more objective consumer.
Find out how and why certain herbs
are blended together, while discussing
how formulations might be altered or
improved. Discover how to reformulate
a remedy based on an existing
commercial product. $10 materials fee
6 - 9 p.m.
TMCCMeadowoodCenter S300
Student Success Story :
Osteopath Dr. Newton Yco
“TMCC’s Herbal Studies program
has helped my practice because it
has opened my mind to another side
of medicine: natural medicine. I now
incorporate the herbal remedies I’ve
learned into my osteopathic practice.
Plus the instructors, especially Evert
Broderick and Kim Powers, are great.”
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